An African Heart

An African Heart

Friday, December 7, 2012

Transfer and Zone Leader

So you wanna know where i am going huh? TOO BAD. Ok i will tell you. I am going to a place called Langata, in Nairobi. It is for BIG people. There is a mall near my area, still in my zone, called Junction Mall, and when i first went there, i walked into America. There are WHITE PEOPLE, and a KFC, and a place like Orange Leaf. Clothing shops, the biggest supermarket in Nairobi... AHHH!!! The Lord took me from a year in the boonies to the highest class of Kenya!!!! and, i am a zone leader! I cover 2 districts! I have 2 companionships of Elders, and 2 companionships of sisters i am over. I was a tad nervous, but not really. I am WAY excited for the challenge the Lord has given me now. Keep me in the prayers that i can be the zone leader that the Lord wants, ok? My new companion is Elder Omara from Uganda. I know him, and he rocks. A little quiet, but we will get along, i am sure.

As for Tanzania, not everybody goes there. But i have a feeling i may go there to finish my mission. We will see though. I would love to go there! If you go there, you speak only Swahili, so you learn it.

That is horrible with the Stake Conference thingy! Power goes out in Kenya just about daily. Sounds like Satan was having a grand ole' time tryin to interfere there! I hope you still felt the Spirit though. President Manwaring is awesome. I love that guy!

So for the money thing, you guys can let me know how much you put in ok? Tell Aunt JoAnne thank you for me please. And yeah, Nairobi has some cool stuff. I will get those sculptures for you from Steve Kyalo. did you know that he makes them? Cool, huh?!?!

Well Daddio, we had a huge baptismal service this week. Our companionship baptized 6, Elder Sarlo and his comp baptized one, and the Kyambeke elders also in this disctrict baptized 7. So FOURTEEN!!!! Amazing, isn't it? All but one from our area asked me to baptize them. And then all but 2 asked me to confirm them. Man i will miss these people. We love each other!! Did i tell you about what one nicknamed me? She said my Kamba name would be Mwendwa. It means He who is loved. Haha i was flattered! This area has done so much for me. I really got some good roots here. I thank God for my time in Kilungu, and i hope that someday maybe Ben or Dan could come here. It was dang tough, but totally worth it. I know that God and Jesus Christ are there and that when we ask for revelation, if we have made a choice and done all we can with our agency, he makes up the difference and helps us out. I want to serve Christ more fully and stay humble. I am planning on this mission helping me conquer my pride.

But, i love you tons dad. You are awesome, and now, i will email on Mondays i think. So get those emails a day earlier! I love you lots, and will talk to you in like... 20 days!!!! AHHH!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS SPONGEBOB!!!!!!

Love, Conrad