An African Heart

An African Heart

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Baby Schneider Kivikivi

So just to be clear.  Mr. and Mrs. Kivikivi named their newborn son after Conrad.  Their baby's name is Schneider Kivikivi.  Conrad is not the father of Schneider Kivikivi!  Conrad helped ordain Leonard Kivikivi to the Melchizedek Priesthood, and he just loves and respects Conrad, so they did him this incredible, great honor.  Leah and I are so proud of the way Conrad has worked hard, and most of all, how he loves the people of Kenya.  We love them too and are grateful for the love they share with our son.


Baby Schneider KiviKivi and his Mother

Monday, October 22, 2012

October 9 letter to Mom

Momma dear, whom i love alot, who birthed me, who now misses me, in Idaho,

HEY!!!! Wow that sounds like quite the trial time for Daddy. The Lord is definitely testing him i think. Read Mosiah 23:21-22. It is a super great scripture to explain why sometimes we go thru trials. It is not always a punishment or because we did something wrong. Rather, it is because there's something we need to learn or He just simply wants to build us! Ha, i do feel for Dad and you though. Don't fear, all will be well :)

I have not recieved the box yet, but it must be coming soon. The AP's will tell me when it gets to Nairobi. But guess who i saw in Nairobi? Habibu and Douglas both!!!!! I spent alot of time with Habibu. I love him so much!!! He is an awesome guy. I am excited to give stuff to him and Douglas when the box comes. Who knows! Maybe i can be in the same district as Habibu or Douglas again someday!

So i was thinking about something the other day. I was walking in a dirt path, actually in a valley in between some banana trees. And suddenly i stopped and looked around and was like - "Oh my goodness, i have lived in the bush of Kenya for almost a year!!!!" Did you EVER imagine i would be living in the African bush for a year straight preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Cuz i sure didn't! 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

hahahaha holy crap man, that is one of the suckiest days i have ever heard of!!!! hahahaha as horrible as it is, it is totally funny movie material. Man, sorry about all that! Atleast you got to have a nature walk with Dave, right? haha man... well, the Lord must have been teaching you something during all of that huh? I bet you prayed your heart out!!!

This past week i saw Habibu at zone conference, and he is doing awesome! I love that guy so much. I also saw Douglas, and he too is doing fantastic! Few people understand him, but we had fun talking together and catching up a little bit.

Ok ready for this?

We were travelling back from zone conference, and we were in a matatu in a tiny town called Nunguni. Well suddenly i hear a knock on the window next to my seat. It is Christine, the wife of Leonard Kivikivi, one of the men who asked me to help ordain him to the Melchizedek Priesthood. She called me over to where some women were sitting. Me and Elder Munyoro went, and she had just delivered a baby boy that day!! Well he was healthy and strong. then she goes, "We named him after you. We named him Schneider." HAHAHAHA WHAT?!?!?!?!? THEY NAMED THEIR BABY AFTER ME!!!! So now our name will forever be here in Kenya!!!!! :D Even more than that, when one Kenyan does something like give a peculiar name like that, others will follow suit. Man, if Ben and Danny come here on a mission, they may find our name more than just on their name tags! hahahaha is that not totally awesome?!?! The tender mercies of the Lord, things we don't ask for, but things that happen because we demonstrate real and sincere and constant love to these brothers and sisters. I love these people so much Dad!!!

So basically the work is going awesome too. We were introduced to a whole entire family who are totally into the church!!! They all came to church on Sunday, except the Dad, who told us he couldn't come, but promised this week to come. WOO!!!! Next week we have 2 baptisms. And tons are going to follow. There are also 2 weeks left in this transfer, and most likely i will stay for six more weeks (1 more transfer). I am going to die when i have to leave here. But you know what? I am seriously going to be excited to get in my next area and gain the love of members. And investigators. The power of faith makes life and especially mission exciting. I have no fears! It is all in the Lord's hands :)

Love you forever Dad. I will keep you in my prayers for sure, and just know that your son is doing totally great here. I am safe, healthy, happy, and hopeful!!!! Be the same Dad, cuz God loves you so much. You are His precious son, as i am yours.

Love, Conraddio

This is the email I sent that Conrad is responding to:

Hey Son!
Sooooooo.....this last week David came up and we went hunting moose.  So Tuesday morning we took the 4-wheelers I borrowed from Jerrad Thompson and headed out at 4am.  We got up there before dawn and didn't see anything as the sun came up.  So we decided to get the ATV's and head up a trail.  Well the small one, a 250, wouldn't start so we decided to jump start it.  It didn’t work, sao we both got on the big ATV which is a 500, and started on the trails.  We didn't see anything so we went back to the car.  Then I remembered there is a fuse that probably got blown so I checked it and sure enough, was able to get the little ATV running!  So we drove around and went a few other places but didn't see anything.  Then we got to the canyon where we used to bear bait.  We got the atv's off and started up an awesome trail.  We were almost all the way around the trail when we came to a very steep part of the trail.  I was riding the small ATV cause David didn't have much experience with them and the bigger one was easier to drive.  So we got to this steep part and I stopped and looked it over.  I thought I could make it up.  So I tried and got about two thirds up and it lost power.  I rolled back down safely and decided to get a run at it.  Well I gunned it and made it to the top, which I then could see was not the top.  So the machine lost power so I jumped off so I could walk it up.  But I started slipping and losing control of the machine.   I stepped back down the hill and tried to move the front end sideways.  That's when I felt something ripping in the back of my knee at the top of my calf.  It hurt mucho.   We got the machine down and drove back to the car.  I was in a lot of pain and couldn't walk on my right leg.  David loaded everything up and we were all ready to go.  David got in and turned the key.   The dashboard went black.  Battery dead.  We didn't have cell reception so we unloaded the big ATV and I drove out to the highway to get cell reception.   I called Matt and told him to come get me.  We loaded up the atv's and unhooked the trailer so we could hook it up to Matts car and tow it back to Thompson's.   While we were waiting in the dark, we heard a bear "chuffing " in the trees nearby.  Well Matt finally got there and we hooked up the trailer and headed out.  I got hurt around 4pm.  It was now around 8pm.  We got to Thompson's and unloaded the atv's.   We discovered that the seat of the 500 had blown off on the way home.  Lost.  We unhooked the trailer and talked to Jerrad for a little bit.  Then I thought I better get to the emergency room.  It was now 10pm.  We got in Matt's suburban and he turns the key and....dead battery! !  I kid you not.  Jerrad gave us a jump and we finally got home at 10:30.  We got to the ER and of course waited for a while.  They x-rayed me to see if ligaments had torn bone fragments off my bone.  They hadn't thankfully.  And it wasn't my pcl ligament.  I had just torn calf muscle.  So I came home about 1am.  It has been tough to walk but it is getting better slowly.  Wow huh?
In other news, Ben and I drove down to priesthood session yesterday.   It was good.  I think I would rather just watch it at church.  Too many people, crowds, traffic, hassle.  You know how it was.  But it was good to be with Ben just us two.
Well dog, I love you.  You know how much.
Give yourself a hug from me.