An African Heart

An African Heart

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Holy cows. We jus got back from Eldoret like, an hour and a half ago. President have me drive halfway and man, it was pretty fun and stuff. But i am so tired that i'm gonna.... yawn.......

So summer sounds amazing! I'm missing that a little bit. And i'm glad my chicken is doing well. Nacho Cheese sure is a trooper!

So we went to Eldoret, in Western Kenya close to Naitiri where my first area was. The zone conference went really well, and we gave a training about some new key indicators that President Broadbent wants to introduce in this mission. It went really awesome. President Broadbent gave a training on putting on the whole armor of God. It was pretty great too. It was a really sad conference and the feeling there was kinda weird cuz it will be President's last in Eldoret. But overall, it went well.

On the way back, President wanted me to drive half the way. So we stopped at the Great Rift Valley and that was great. The pictures don't exactly capture it, but it's pretty amazing. To describe it in the biggest understatement ever, it was very big. I'll upload pics another day.

We are leaving for Mombasa on Wednesday, and i will drive half way there. But on the drive back, it's all me cuz the Broadbents are flying back. So uh... pray for me... alot... OH! But i'm gonna pick up some really cool souveniers there in Mombasa for ya'll. There's a great place to get handmade stuff super cheap. CONNECTIONS BABY!!!!!!!! So presents are coming. But they're coming with me in December :)

Well, i love you all. thank you for your individual emails. I love hearing from each of you. You are each my best friend and i love you each so much. "Each" is a very strange word... I feel like i'm trying to say "peach" but failing. So let me fix those sentences: I love hearing from peach of you. You are peach my best friend and i love peach of you so much. That's better :)

Love forever into eternity and beyond,
Conrad :)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Called to be Assistant to the President

Flight to Tanzania, Mwanza Branch

Oh. Oh yeah. Oh yeah homies.

So we barely survived transfers. Actually, they went incredibly smooth, and that is a blessing from the Lord to us. And then on Friday morning we flew (in an airplane) down to Mwanza. It was super duper awesome, and pretty hot.

I got to teach my first lesson in completely Swahili. It was a flippin nightmare. Just kidding, i could communicate well enough to get my point across. Elder Madubanya was teaching with me and he knows Swahili really well. It was really cool, and when i testified in Swahili it felt the exact same as testifying in English! So it was pretty awesome.

We also had a Mwanza branch conference. The very first Elders quorum president was ordained in that meeting! It is history in the making! That little branch was started about one year ago, almost exactly, and as with all branches of the Church, is growing at a nice steady pace. Not fast, but definitely growing.

We flew this time right around Mt. Kilimanjaro, kinda at a distance, so it wasn't too visible, but i got some beautiful pictures of it and also another mountain in Arusha. Also, we flew over the Serengeti, the Maasai Mara, and Lake Victoria! I got beautiful pictures of Lake Victoria. MAN!!!! Cool stuff.

So as for me, i love you all times infinity! Elder Mulondo, my companion, is amazing. We get along even better than me and Elder Gideon. We have very much in common and have been having the same impressions like mad. So we are really getting the mission prepared for some new stuff and especially for the new mission president.

Any questions for me? What was in Tanzania? Things i saw? Why i haven't uploaded those pictures? Cuz i forgot my cable at home. Next time i'm in the office i will though :)

Hey! Stick shift is becoming steadily easier. I can shift second nature now and just drive almost like normal. What a blessing from the Lord :)
Well, love you all. Talk to you very soon!!!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Busy Week

We are FINISHED with the transfers!!! We coordinated the transferring of like, 40 or 50 missionaries, plus the 7 newbies. Boy howdy... i can drive stick now. I still stall sometimes, but not often. Stick shift is nutso man. But the Lord seriously helped me with driving, and with the smoothness of the transfers. AWESOME. Tomorrow we're flying to Tanzania. Specifically, a place called Mwanza. Should be pretty great. Then next week is Eldoret zone conference. Week after, Mombasa. Weekend of Mombasa we are staying for a branch conference, then we have Nairobi zone conference, then the 8th of June we're going to Chyulu district conference, then the 12th or 13th of June we fly to Dar Es Salaam for another zone conference. The week of the 16th to the 22nd, we have nothing, but the week following is when we send off President Broadbent and welcome President Hickin. Wooooooo doggie................

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Assistant to the President

We spoke to Conrad today when he called home for Mother's Day. He is doing very well.  It was good to hear his voice.  The next time we hear his voice he will be home, which he told us is around December 10th.   He also told us he has been called to be an AP (Assistant to the President).  He is excited about it but a little overwhelmed.  One of the first things he had to do was learn to drive a stick shift.  He was worried about driving stick shift and driving on "the wrong side of the road."  He will be doing a lot of driving as he helps take missionaries to new areas at transfers, and driving with President Broadbent all over the mission.  He will be going to Tanzania for the first time in a week or so for a conference.  He's going to get to see the whole mission.  He's in good health and dedicated to being obedient.  We do love him so.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I'M A-CALLIN HOME!!!!!!!!!....... For the last time!!! (Zurg)

HOLY macaroni.......

Why would i make reference to consecrated italian food items? Well, because this Sunday will be the last time you talk to me... over the phone. The next time, in seven months, will be face to face. Golly...

So we're back down in Kibera now! And what a blessing! We have been to some members' homes, and that's about it. Don't worry, Kibera is just as stinky and muddy as it was before elections. Actually, there are a few new shacks i noticed... wooden, not tin! I would take a picture but.. they might take my camera and eat my companion. HA! Not. But they would take my camera. And punch me.

So this weekend, i will be calling Mom's phone on Saturday. It will be around noon or so in America (which country i love with all my heart). So Mom, be ready. If i can't get through, or i get no answer, imma call Daddio. And if i receive no answer there, imma call Ben!! and if none there, Danny!!! And lastly, jessie, cuz she's really busy with school. She's such a hard worker!!! So yeah, be ready!

Man guys... sorry about Chi Chi. [Chi Chi was Daniel's favorite chicken]  Daniel informed me of the tragedy. But don't worry too much. Chi Chi died before the age of accountability, and therefore has received a place with her Heavenly Father in glory and peace unfathomable. Go through Moroni 7 for more comfort. 7 or 8, one of the two.

So... ****** emailed me... :D

I wanted to also share something with you all that has really helped me, especially with the issue of keeping a clean mind and heart. One day i was thinking about my life and what i want in the future, and i concluded on some things such as an eternal companion and family, a stable and happy home life, education, etc. And later that day, when a bad thought came to mind, i shook it off and into my mind came this phrase - "That's not part of the plan!" Wow.... since that day, when a bad thought comes, i tell myself, "That's not part of the plan!" and i am able to look forward to the future that lies ahead with hope and chastity! I would highly recommend that we all (especially the kids) decide what your future holds. A wife? A nice job? A good education? Spiritual growth? And then, when a bad thought grips, whether of anger or immorality, tell yourself, "That's not part of the plan!", for to engage in such a sin or indulgence would disrupt my eternal plan. It is working for me, and the future is bright for real :)

Also, do you realize the awesomeness and majesty of the Priesthood power inside us? Danny, you will receive it soon too. This power is the same, very same, power which created Adam and Eve. It created the First Parents, and that power lies within us! We don't have anything to fear. God holds highly those who hold the Priesthood (and those, i have to add, who share the Priesthood or will share the Priesthood, Mom and Jessie). I am honored to be His servant and child whom He trust enough to bear His power and grace.

Also, transfer news is this Saturday too, so i'll let you know what happens. I think i will be going... :( i love this place and my companion, but good things don't always last forever out here.

Alright homies and homettes, talk to you soon, literally. Keep the faith and always know that i love you. I hope you see the blessings of the Lord in each of your lives. I sure do.

Love you forever, Conrad

April 29th

Ok. Zero time. Going to speak like telegram STOP Just kidding STOP haha STOP

Ok so here's the biggest news items.

1. Elder Gideon and I had a zone wide fast last week, the purpose being: to be led to those who are the elect, ready to receive the message of the Restoration, and also for them to be led to us. Well, AMAZING what faith, fast, and prayers can do. We have investigators popping up almost daily. We challenged two of them to baptism on the first meeting, and they both accepted!!!! The Lord accepted our fast so much, and is answering it by trusting us with many of His children to teach. I'll give you more details later :)

2. After prayer and fasting, and a month of waiting for an answer, i have concluded that when i return from my mission, i am going to not go to school for about 6 months. I will get settled, work and save, date (booyah), do YSA stuff, and build up Zion in my own area. The main motive is that i need money and time to settle. So that's my choice. What be your say?

3. I love you all to death and beyond, and, oh yeah, ******   [redacted by Conrad's Dad for privacy of the individual who emailed him] EMAILED ME!!!! BOOYAH AGAIN!!!!!!

 Tell Granny Franny thanks for the email, oh and what the heck?!?!?!

SAN DIEGO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Where did that come from!??!???! I didn't know you were going there?!??!?!?! Thanks for my package, love it, so thankful for all of that.

So short on time, but i love you all, thanks for your emails. They mean alot and i look forward to them :) I love you all with all my heart. Be diligent in your daily necessities: scripture study DAILY, prayer morning and night at least, and keep the Sabbath Day as holy as possible. I love Jesus Christ, and will be eternally thankful that He saved me. I really do love Him :)

Well, got somebody to go see. A man named Mkama. The work progresses :)

With eternal, sealed love, Elder Conrad Schneider

Middle of April

What the snot? The middle of April?

Uh... so my companion and I were fritzing out a little bit. No, not Fritz Schmutz, fritzing as in freaking out cuz it's already April and i have 8 months left and he has 11. But how is Fritz Schmutz, anyway? Love that guy. somebody let him know that the Keens he bought me held up fantastic while i was in the bush for a whole year, and now that i am in the city, the Ecco's are doing amazing. They still look tip top shape after 5 months. I gave the Keens to a man in the Kilungu Hills who needed some decent shoes. They are still serving well :)

Ok i'm confused... Does anybody disagree with me naming the chick "Nacho Cheese"? Cuz uh... nobody even said anything. I mean, i call him Cheese and i hear that nobody liked it, then i name him Nacho Cheese  and i can just picture everybody hearing that and going, "Oh thank Heavens. Cheese was a horrible name but Nacho Cheese is so cute and fitting. Whew, good thing Connor's got his head on straight!" So uh... feedback on that? And on the nickname of Sunny? Ya'll can call him Sunny but remember the one stipulation (his on-record name).

This week was pretty fun. Our toilet had a leak and so we were exacting some measures to stop the leakage from spreading. Our caretaker couldn't fix it for like 4 days. It was a struggle. But now that it was fixed (on Saturday) we cleaned it up today. All is well in the bathroom, yea, the bathroom prospereth. We actually cleaned the house today and it's shiny. And i did all my wash today. My fingers are rubbed raw haha. I look like a 7 year old with bandaids on like 3 of my fingers. They usually don't rub raw anymore, but i did alot of wash so maybe that's why. Also this week i went on exchanges with an Elder Thomas from America. He is only about 2 months old on mission, so i got to have lots of chats with him. He is doing ok, had to adjust, but he has a great trainer and is surrounded by very good people (something i didn't exactly have) and is really doing better. You can bet i had flashbacks during that exchange of my first transfers. Flippin strange how time flies and suddenly you may be going to your last area at the end of this transfer! Oh yeah, did i tell you that this guy named Paul Peterson, who lives in St. George, came back to Kenya for a few days and brought me delicious American candy?!?!?! Reeses, Snickers, etc. MMMMM!!!!!! He had been attending Langata branch while working for the past few years, and only recently went home when Elder Gideon got here. He came back for a few days and because he's awesome, brought us candies :)

This coming week, it looks pretty normal. We finally get to watch General Conference this weekend!!! I hear it was awesome. I know you guys had fun in your pajamas at home. Grr..... enjoy that and thank the Lord for it. You probably ate fancy foods like Doritos and Bean Dip and Goldfish. And popcorn. Well hopefully a little healthier than that. Did you eat cheese? Golly i miss cheese... OH MY GOODNESS! WHEN I COME HOME I'M GONNA EAT SO MUCH HOME FOODS THAT I'M GONNA GET SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok. I'm losing my head a little bit. But you'll know why when i get home and explain in great detail about some of the things here...

Want a story? Cuz i would love to tell you all one:
Near the end of March, we were running low on money cuz we spent alot stocking up goodies and junk food for the lock-in during election time in early March. So we were riding in a matatu and i was on the second row of seats. My companion was behind me because he was sitting with another missionary we were housing temporarily due to a little situation. There was a space next to me and a woman gets in at one of the stops. She gets in, eyeballs me weird, and i can see she's looking at my name tag so naturally i start to talk to her. I explain my tag and my name and what we do, and she flat out says where she stays and that we need to come visit her. So we gave her something to read, and that week in March when we were a little bit strapped for cash we stop in her restaurant (they call them hotels here, they are like little dinky restaurants). Well we were flippin hungry, and we go in. Immediately she brings us a fresh made cup of thick juice. Free! Then she starts feeding us some stuff! In some later visits, she and her husband (Moureen and Wycliffe) have the Book of Mormon, and her husband has actually met missionaries before. But now, he admits, he is more mature and has serious questions and interests in what we're doing. Crazy how the Lord provides for us. Another woman later in the week literally bought us a chicken, simply because she loved us and how we talked to her and treated her. Don't worry, she's like, in her 40's or 50's. Her name is Jane, and we are also visiting her! The Lord fed us and took care of us :) :)

Time for me to go. Preparation day is almost over and we gots work to do! (Major Payne): Preaching is mah business ladies, and bus - ness - is - guuuuud!

Love you all forever and ever and ever :)

Nacho Cheese

[Just an explanatory note:  We purchased 6 chicks and each of us got to name our chick.  Conrad decided to name his "cheese".  I think some said they didn't like the name, so this is his response to that, and then the rest of his email.  -Conrad's Dad.]

Well what's the problem, are ya all lactose intolerant?!?! HUH?!?!?! Considering you all (according to what Mom told me) dislike the kingly name i gave to mah chick, i decided to change it to something more fitting - "NACHO CHEESE"!!!!!!! Ya know WHY?!?!? CUZ, he's NOT-YO CHEESE, he's MMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY CHEESE!!!!!!!! So you may now refer to him as Nacho Cheese!!!!!!!!!

........ But i am merciful. His/her NICKNAME can be Sunny. BUT, on one condition. ANYTIME you introduce him/her to anybody, you must mention that Sunny's REAL name is Nacho Cheese. Deal? Deal.

I have so much time today... and i didn't get an email from Jessie, Danny, or Benny, so i don't have much to talk about. How about school? I really don't know what to do. I haven't given it as much thought as it deserves, that's for sure. But even so, I just don't know. I am going to give it careful and prayerful deliberation this week. Hopefully it is in the Lord's plan to let me know His will concerning the matter by this week. He may not care when i do it, but He might. So we'll see. If you could all keep it in your prayers and stuff, i would also appreciate it. This really is a big decision to make for me, so help me a wee bit lads and laddies!

Last week, we had some really great discussions! We met a man who had come in contact with missionaries like, 5 years ago, and that never went anywhere. But NOW, things are going well. He is interested, we were able to go in and answer ALL his questions, plus more. He and his wife are interested and reading the BOM. We are praying that it move forward.

We also had one of the coolest sacrament meetings i have had in a long while. For some reason, the Spirit there was very strong. I learned much from the testimonies borne and i was edified and uplifted by them. Spencer W. Kimball talked about sacrament meetings once, and spoke of how the main purpose for sacrament meeting is personal worship of the Lord Jesus Christ. That means that even if the speakers are bad or strange or something, we can still have a spiritually active and uplifting sacrament meeting! I have been keeping that in mind, and it helps alot. Especially where the Church is young and growing.

Also this week, we helped and uplifted a lot of people. I have been LOVING the work now. To be honest, earlier in the mission it was so darn tough, whether because of disobedient or bad companions, physical exertions, or simply because i was too stressed out! Now, though, I feel good. I have a constant desire to get out and preach and teach and uplift and share with people. It is never too late to improve and become better. This Gospel has saved our lives. Sometimes we lose sight of that! But not only did the Gospel and Church and Lord give us our luxuries, but He simply gave us all. Everything is a blessing, because i have seen and been with people who have LITERALLY nothing. No luxuries, no home, no health, no wealth, no stability, nothing. It is horribly sad, but that's why our work as missionaries is easily and duly motivated - because people need it! Somebody's gotta invite people, and I'm happy to do it, even with all my weaknesses and stuff.

This coming week we have baptisms on Sunday!!!! :D 2 very prepared and awesome ladies named Melen and Catherine. 14th is their day! We have more following them soon. This week we are also going to go on exchanges with some Elders in Rongai, which is in our zone. And we are going to do a joint street contacting session on Saturday for the Rongai branch open house that is going down. Should be pretty awesome. We just get to be social and talky as missionaries on the street for like 2 or 3 hours. The sun is pretty hot (haha, in case you didn't know) so that is a lil hindrance. But we stay pretty hydrated. I drink liters every day. And i urinate once! Except at home i urinate more cuz it's decently cool.

One week from today is my 16 month mark! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Do you realize i have only 8 months left?! this time last year i was training Elder Arineitwe. Man, don't know what he's doing now. I have no way to contact him except to write a letter and get it to his branch in Uganda. We'll see about that. But also, i'll be calling home in like, a month! FOR DUH LAST TIME!!!!!!! Wow. School is really stressing me out, the thought of it all and stuff. Gosh! (Napolean Dynamite)

I hope you can see how BORED I am. Sorry i forgot to send pics, i will next week (hopefully if i remember). I wish something super cool had happened to tell you about, but i have learned to be careful wishing for those things, cuz those end up being stressful or scary in the moment, then cool later. But one cool thing is that when an appointment gets cancelled, something miraculously gets opened up or provided for us. We work on the Lord's time in such a way that we do what He needs done, and He helps it happen. Even if like, we go over time in a great lesson and are late for the next, we'll find out that for some reason the person we were going to see would also be late or not there, so it works out perfect. No coincidences out here.

Well i love every last one of ya! You are my best friends and i miss you guys. Really i do. Just your associations and friendships and senses of humor and your lifestyles and everything! Blah... We're going to family home evening at Sister Jepkemei's home tonight. That will be fun :) I love and miss you all and i love the work in which i am engaged. This Church is true and all things in it are the truth. Never doubt the Lord or the surety of deliverance and help that comes from Him through prayer. Pray often and sincerely and speak to your Father. Count your blessings, get to the temple. Make your brother stop telling you what to do ;)

I guess to close this email, i can include some words of wisdom that have really helped me alot:

"Ok class, i'm on a hangover. Who knows what that means?"
"It means you're drunk!"
"Wrong! It means i was drunk YESTERDAY." -Jack Black, School of Rock

"GET THAT CORN OUTTA MAH FACE!" -Jack Black, Nacho Libre

"(walking in a dark tunnel) Ah man, we're gonna die in here!"
"Hey now, come on! That's what they said at the Alamo!" -Twitchy and the Wolf, Hoodwinked

Now i hope you guys get this one. If not, cuz you may not, go watch it:

"I never get anything shiny..."
"Yeah... but you know what else is shiny?"
"RIGHT!!!!!" -Our Family Icon

Love you all to infinity and beyond. The counsel from Woody to Buzz, "YOU ARE A TOY!", does not apply to you all. You are human beings and i love you! Have a fantastic week, and please smile and look for opportunities to help people every day. The Lord places them there. The most powerful sermons are preached through our actions! You are powerful people and i respect and love each one of you.

Love you forever, Conrad

Merry Christmas Daniel!!!!!

Haha, the title was a play on the "Frosty the Snowman" famous line... get it? ......No? Well FINE!!!!!

So as Daniel surely knows by now, hoping that he has read my personal email to him, i wrote him a poem impromptu for his birthday. I would love to include it now:

I am here in Africa, you're in a different part,
But i feel close to you, my bro, as this poem starts.
Back at home, you were young, i was quite young too,
But now you grew at least 3 feet, don't argue cuz it's true.
As for me, well, to speak truth, I'm not the tallest guy,
And as for growing taller, time for that has flown on by.
You are growing stronger, getting muscles of a man,
Flexing much and working out, and probably getting tan!
I am also getting bigger, losing all my fat,
"No carbs at night", says my dear comp, "and protein's where it's at."
I don't know why i threw that in, about proteins and all,
remember this is impromptu, (just trying not to fall)
Back to the point, of growing still, you're growing ever cool,
Perhaps the way i'm proudest, is your growth that's spiritual.
You read the scriptures, say your prayers, you go to Church each week,
Relationship with Father above, is what we need to seek.
You're kind and good, you know your standards. never let them down,
And when it is a choice, dear Danny, always smile, don't frown.
You have a gift, and not just one, you brought from pre-mortal life,
Developed there, you knew that they would help thru trial and strife.
Now go and do, as Nephi did, what Father and Brother expect,
Help the one, show love and care, and ne'er the one neglect!
Stop to say hi, give smiles and waves, and serve your fellow men,
For in the end, the way God works, it comes back to you again!
You are amazing, you have style, you are brave and sweet,
Can't wait to see your further growth, when in 7 months we meet.
I am here in Africa, you're in a different part,
But best friend Daniel, my dear brother, you are always in my heart.

I want everyone reading this email to know that Daniel is a wonderful son of God and has the most sincere and impressive testimony i've heard from a 10 year old (soon to be 11 year old). He ROCKS! And i ask everybody reading this to give him birthday kisses and birthday pinches and spankings and floggings and waterboardings and whippings and beatings and whoa..... wait sorry, not all that. Just kisses and pinches. Love you Daniel, Happy Birthday buddy :) I'll be around for the next one, don't worry :)

This Sunday we finally got to watch Conference. Awesome possums. Loved Conference and the direction given in it. There's still alot to analyze, but did anybody else feel like Elder Packer's talk might be his last? He seemed... kinda final-speechy, a bit. His talk was beautiful though, really enjoyed it. During the Sunday sessions, there were lots of monkeys outside. That's what i get for being in Kenya i guess. There were some climbing on the bars on the windows outside of the Church. They are small ones though, like a bit bigger than lemurs, some smaller than lemurs. Hahaha, i think i told Mom, but i saw one adolescent monkey bothering his mother, and the mother up and slapped that child so hard in the face!! The kid ran into a tree and was just looking at the mother until she walked off, and he followed her hahahaha!!!!!! Little baby monkeys were clinging to the belly of the mother as they climbed all around. The babies are so cute. They hang on for dear life until they are old enough to climb themselves. And the mothers are protective of their babies unto death. Africa... :)

Also, so we don't forget, PLEASE get me Bishop Lander's email PLEASE!!!!! Or even just tell him to email me if ya can. I need to talk to that guy. By the way, is he still bald? He should grow a bufont... a bulbous bufont...

This week was great. We had a zone fast for the purpose of gaining more investigators who are prepared to receive and act on the message of the Restoration. Well, as for me and my companion, we have received at least 2 or 3 people who are greatly prepared and full of questions and ready to learn. One, Sylvia, came with all sorts of questions about the Book of Mormon, wondering why she was so concerned with this Book. We taught her as best as we could by the Spirit. She is reading the Book now and wanting to meet again. Another, Kennedy, comes from Uganda. He came to Conference and was amazed at it all. He is eager to meet again and explore the feelings he felt :) I am confident they will be baptized. Melen and Catherine, the two women baptized last week, were confirmed this week. Ordinances complete! But no ordinance is complete without paperwork. Remember how Jesus gave Peter power to bind and seal on Earth and in Heaven? Well, when we do an ordinance by the Holy Priesthood, it is sealed and recorded in Heaven. But in order for that to happen on Earth, paperwork must be recorded. The angels and workers of the millennium will refer to that to double-check who needs what!

So basically life is good over here. I lost a bit of weight when i had that diarrhea so i am gaining it back but staying lean and working out with Elder Gideon. We're going running tomorrow morning, and at night i'm eating eggs, eggs, and more eggs. PROTEIN BABY!!!!!

Oh, and by the way, I GOT MY PACKAGE!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! GREAT PACKAGE GUYS!!!!!!!!! Thank you times infinity and beyond!!!!!!!!! GREAT stuff in there. The jump rope - holy cow! That'll last me til judgment day!!!! And those drink mix things - BRILLIANT IDEA!!! Please include in EVERY package many!!!! Wow.... i just paused in my excitement and looked back at that last sentence... that was wretched english, wasn't it? Anyway, that Holland book?!?! Grandma spent $50 on that book?!?!?! Holy mackerel Granny Phanny Franny Fanny!!!!! That thing is beautiful, and will keep me busy for some time, i think. Really, thanks so much guys :)

Bottom line of this email is this: Happy Birthday Daniel, i love you with all my heart and know that you will stick with Benny and Jessie as your great examples, with your Brother, Friend, and Savior Jesus Christ as your ultimate example. To everyone, I just can add that Jesus Christ is indeed our dear friend. He always longs to be closer, we only need to open up a little. He wants us to know His Atonement, but knows how important and deep it is, and therefore will not reveal it all at once. It will come in the Father's good time, and in His way. I have prayed since my mission started that i would know the Atonement better. Since the start of my mission, i have learned that i cannot comprehend what He felt. But i still wanted to know what it means to me. Well, after Conference ended, i reflected on how much they mentioned the Atonement, and i realized something. That the Atonement of Jesus Christ saves us, and shows that He loves us. It means that He was humble, submissive, peaceful, patient, and perfect in all ways. It means that I can be forgiven and be better. It means that daily life is hopeful and my future is bright and i need not worry about anything, so long as i love Him and keep His commandments. One can say these words (i have before!), but now i feel them. I testify of these things, and that they are true, in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior, Amen!

With love forever, Elder Schneider