An African Heart

An African Heart

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Letter from President Broadbent

March 12, 2012

To:  Parents, Families, Branch, Stake and Mission Presidents of Missionaries serving in the Kenya Nairobi Mission:

We are grateful and happy to share with you that the Kenya presidential election was peaceful.  There were very few disturbances throughout the country.  All missionaries were safe throughout the week and spent the time studying, building relationships with each other and preparing for the time when they would again be able to resume missionary work.  
Missionaries are returning to their areas this week.  Transportation is now available; the roads are safe and traffic is moving well.  All areas where they serve have been declared safe.  We will continue to monitor all areas.   Food and water storage will continue to be readily available and missionaries know what to do if there is a need to ‘stay in the flats’ once again.
Thank you for your support, your faith and your prayers.  We have received a great blessing of peace and safety.  The Lord’s work continues to go forward with greater zeal and purpose.
Best regards,

President Steven H. Broadbent
Kenya Nairobi Mission

Monday, March 11, 2013

"I Survived Kenyan Elections 2013"

For sure i need a shirt that says that.

Well as the caption implies, i survived! And i don't think i have ever done more reading in my entire life! I read over 10 New Era magazines, The Spencer W. Kimball book, and probably over 30 or 40 hours in the scriptures. And as boring as it was at times, i have learned and grown much actually. Haha! Kinda surprised me what i learned and did. I also learned the basics of Afrikaans (Elder Gideon's mother tongue, it's like Dutch and they speak it in Capetown and parts of S.A.), learned some ball-handling soccer skills, and ate lots of food and worked out twice a day. Overall... i hope i never have to be stuck inside like that EVER AGAIN!!!!! MAN!!!!!!!!!!!

One thing i learned was about the future. Sometimes we really stress it, myself included. School, career, marriage, health, etc. But God can make all things possible! He DOES answer prayers, and we must believe that He does! But this time inside i have come to a knowledge of a few very important things. One is that prayer. Another is that if we rely on the Lord, what can daunt us? He is in complete control, and the future is bright when we rely on Him. Also, this church and every point of it is absolutely true. I read some Jehovah's Witness magazines with an open heart. They teach some truth, as all church's, even Islam, do. We should not frown on other churches. Why frown on those who are trying to make it back to Heaven, but don't know the way? But when one learns our doctrine and applies it, it is simply true. This is His kingdom, and we must uphold it.

Lastly is what President Packer advised me in one of the New Era's. A testimony is to be found in the bearing of it! If you don't know that Christ lives and is the Savior, bear testimony and the Holy Ghost will confirm! I love how President Packer said, "Bear testimony of things that you hope are true." AWESOME!!!! Please, eternal family, bear testimony often. Judge slowly. Love sincerely. Be and live healthy. Obey the commandments, including to pray often. I love you all with an undying, eternal love. See you soon enough :)

Love forever, Conrad (Elder Schneider)

From Mission President re: Elections

From: Steve and Julie BROADBENT []
Sent: 27 February 2013 11:46 AM
To: Kenya Nairobi Mission; Steve and Julie BROADBENT

To:  Parents, Families and Branch Presidents of Missionaries serving in the Kenya Nairobi Mission

As you may know, Kenya is preparing for a general presidential election on March 4, 2013.  In order to ensure the safety of missionaries serving in Kenya, we have implemented an Emergency Action Plan which will begin on Friday, March 1.

Missionaries serving in areas that potentially may have political disturbances will be moving to safe areas.  Those serving in Mombasa will transfer to Chyulu area for the election week and will be teaming up with missionaries serving there to continue missionary work.  Missionaries serving in Kisumu/Busia,  Naivasha and Nakuru will transport to Nairobi and stay with missionaries in safe flats on Friday or Saturday, March 1st and 2nd .  Missionaries serving in outlying areas in Kitale and Eldoret will stay with other missionaries in town and close to each other beginning March 1 or 2.  After arriving in their assigned areas, all missionaries will be staying inside for 4-6 days beginning Sunday after church or before if needed.  Preparations have been made for extra food and water for each missionary.  During these 4-6 days, we will all have the opportunity to study the gospel in depth.

Because the election is on a Monday, missionaries will be unable to use internet to send emails for that week.  Instead, we will be sending out updates to you from the mission office as the election process progresses.   We will also notify you when missionaries will be returning to their areas.  We expect this to be about 5 days after the election.

We have worked with Church Security in Salt Lake City, Africa Southeast Area Security, local embassies and others to prepare for this election time in Kenya.    Certainly the safety of each missionary is paramount and we have taken all necessary precautions.  We also know the Lord is guiding His work in this part of His vineyard and that it will continue to go forward with the blessing of vibrant and powerful missionaries.

We invite you to join with us in prayer and fasting on March 3, Fast Sunday, for a peaceful and positive results of the Kenya election and the safety of all members and missionaries.

We are grateful for the wonderful service of your missionary in the Kenya Nairobi Mission, called by a prophet through the Lord, Jesus Christ.


President Steven H. Broadbent
Kenya Nairobi Mission

"Emotional Roller Coaster of an Email"

As the title implies,this email should make you happy, sad, comforted, anxious, and a plethora of other emotions!

Let's start with "HAPPY": Bryson and Jack were baptized! On Friday, they were both interviewed and passed with flying testimonies! Saturday was their sister's wedding, which we were invited to and we went. Our main objective there was to find and talk to the husband of sister Jepkemei (Bryson's mom). The husband, as i think i told you, is a Catholic man, and fairly hostile towards the church and the members. In the past (according to Sister Jepkemei) he has barely even talked to members. VERY hostile, curt, and rude. Well, Elder Gideon and i found him and went up to speak to him, and he spit in my face! Ok just kidding. We had a GREAT conversation with him. Talked with him for like over ten minutes and built the relationship. The next day at church, sister Jepkemei and Bryson were amazed at how long he talked to us. Good things are in store, and the Spirit of the Lord is working in the stubborn man's heart :)  So Sunday Bryson was baptized by his uncle Steve, and Jack asked me to baptize him :) powerful baptisms!!!!!! I almost cried. I don't cry much over here. I realized that when i feel the Spirit, unless it is super strong i generally don't cry. Crying in the past has been because it has been coupled with emotion. I may cry more at home, don't know! But yes, you will see pictures soon enough. I uploaded tons of pictures of zone conference as well already.
Other good news is that Elder Gideon and I are having an AWESOME time together. We are eating very very healthy and working out and looking good. I daresay we are the best looking and most humble companionship on the face of the Earth. We are SO GOOD LOOKING, and humble. Humble is our name, and ridiculously good looking is our game. Boy... so hot/humble... hahaha ok but really, we are having a great time together. He really understands how to teach and move by the Spirit, which my past companions have struggled with. I am loving teaching with him, and we are both learning alot together. He is even teaching me Afrikaans, the popular language of Capetown. It is like Dutch. I am catching it pretty easily because it is close to German. "Uns het daar geloop" - we walked there. OH YEAH!
As for now, that is the close of the "happy portion"

The following contains news that may shock you... Viewer discretion is advised.

"SAD": Elder Arineitwe has gone home early. I do not know the details, but from what i heard it is not good. He left without informing anybody, and is back home in Uganda. He is very impulsive, and is now regretting his decision. However, he is not allowed to return out again. That decision will be one he regrets for all his life. It goes to show that anybody can be torn down if they don't keep their guard up. There were little things that he was being disobedient to, and it kinda escalated i guess, and now he's home. So... my mission-posterity has been cut off.

Blech... ok well now is the comforting/anxiety section of this issue of "Mess Up Your Emotions" weekly.

"COMFORT/ANXIOUS": Elections are this coming Monday. One week from today, actually. In preparation for said elections, we have built up food storage in each apartment, plenty for a few weeks. We also have clean water storage and bathing water storage. We also have plenty in our first aid kit. As for missionaries staying in our apartment, we will have probably one more companionship, but i am not sure yet. We find out arrangements tomorrow. As for getting along, don't even worry. Not only are we grown men, we are the Lord's servants. Elder Gideon and I are unified and we understand how to lead. I have been placed in charge of overseeing the preparation of the zone, and everybody is ready.
Sunday after church (March 3rd), we are ordered to return straight home and stay in. from there, we will be inside from Sunday up to atleast Wednesday. No emails next week, and if there is violence continuing, we will be in longer. While we are in, we have been counseled to follow missionary schedule still. We sill study, clean the flat, work out, and occasionally play some games. Other than that... well this weekend Elder Gideon and I are going to this awesome mall near our home and we are going to stock up on some delicious goodies, so naturally, being males, one major pastime will be consumption of delicious goodies from America :) :)
We have emergency evacuation plans if need be. We have been given special code thingies to know exactly what we need to do. The preparation is at it's maximum, and I will be fine.
I REPEAT - I WILL BE OK. Please know that things will be just fine. I am confident in this thing because my patriarchal blessing speaks of things i need to accomplish after my mission. I am being faithful, therefore the prophecies in my patriarchal blessing must be fulfilled. I will be safe and smart. Mom, you also mentioned how if you had it your way, you would have an army of angels to guard me. Read D&C 84:88 and know that I literally am guarded by angels of God. I testify of this solemn reality. Read D&C 38:7 and all of D&C 31. You all need to know that I am well-guarded. I understand how you can be anxious. I would be lying if i said that i am not anxious. I am, but i am not afraid. Fear is in opposition to faith, and i have faith in what i have been told. I don't know with a sure knowledge, but i know the scriptures are true - ancient, modern, and personal patriarchal scripture. I will be safe and things will be back to normal soon :)
So i hope that answers all yous questions about that. If you have any more, keep them because the next time i talk to you will be after elections anyway haha!

Uh.... so..... the next section i am just going to label "miscellaneous" because i don't know how you will feel when you read it.

"MISCELLANEOUS": Sorry about all your sicknesses! If it makes you feel better, i don't know if i've ever been healthier! Other than all the dormant malaria running thick through my veins and coursing through my entire system, waiting to erupt, i am super healthy! I have a testimony of the healing power of the Priesthood though. I have seen more than one person be healed in a day of malaria due to a Priesthood blessing. As members, sometimes we don't realize how powerful faith is. Kenyans have alot of faith. It is misguided to false prophets quite often, but they have faith so much. All of us, myself included, should evaluate how deep and quality our faith is. Do we really have faith that we can be healed? Or are we doubting deep in our hearts?
Another question - have you all been going to the temple? Please keep going. That is such an immense blessing and i miss it and the peace and Spirit and revelation that is so rich in there. It wouldn't hurt to put my name and Elder Gideon's name in at the temple. President Broadbent is sending all our names in to the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve. They are fully aware of our challenges and dangers and they will be petitioning the Lord for our safety. Amazing, huh?

That's basically all the news. The Spirit is strong with us, not to credit of our own except that we are trying to fulfill His will and be obedient. I testify of the undeniable truth of this Kingdom we are a part of. The world is immersed in sin, but we don't have to partake. We are in the world, not of the world. I testify that God lives, and His Beloved Son live, and They love us and bless us every hour. Keep His commandments, serve each other, and never assume that somebody knows that you love or appreciate them. Speak up, and never be afraid to help the missionaries there in IF. They NEED and WANT referrals of people they can teach. Help them out please. If it was me, you would want me to be helped, right? I love you all eternally. Things will be ok, and my 15 month mark is around the corner.

Love you forever,

Kenya Elections

Dear Brother Schneider:  Thank you for your input.  We will be updating all families of all missionaries throughout the Kenya election process.  You will receive an email from the mission office next week prior to the March 4 will receive another email  when all missionaries will be able to resume their work.  Church security in South Africa and SLC are working with us for precautionary measures.   Elder Schneider and all missionaries will be safe in their assigned flats because they are prepared well.    Please  continue to pray for peace in Kenya as we know that this is a great country and we love the people. The Lord's blessings are being received daily as His work moves forward in the KNM.

Elder Schneider is an outstanding missionary.

Best regards.

President Steven H. Broadbent
Nairobi Kenya Mission
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

From: Dale Schneider <>
Date: Thu, Feb 21, 2013 at 12:59 PM
Subject: Kenya unrest
To: President Steven H. Broadbent

Hello from Idaho!  Hi President Broadbent.  My wife and I have been hearing about the election troubles down there.  We asked Conrad about it in our emails with him and he informed us of the precautions that will be taken.  He mentioned that they will be shut-ins for 5 days and possibly longer during the elections.  I appreciate your advanced preparation and measures you are taking to protect the missionaries.  Will you be able to just send us an update or two?  I almost hate to ask that because I'm sure you're busy.  But if you could just send us a quick email and let us know he's alright during that week, we would be very grateful!

Thanks very much, and thanks for all you do for the missionaries there!
Dale Schneider