An African Heart

An African Heart

Monday, October 22, 2012

October 9 letter to Mom

Momma dear, whom i love alot, who birthed me, who now misses me, in Idaho,

HEY!!!! Wow that sounds like quite the trial time for Daddy. The Lord is definitely testing him i think. Read Mosiah 23:21-22. It is a super great scripture to explain why sometimes we go thru trials. It is not always a punishment or because we did something wrong. Rather, it is because there's something we need to learn or He just simply wants to build us! Ha, i do feel for Dad and you though. Don't fear, all will be well :)

I have not recieved the box yet, but it must be coming soon. The AP's will tell me when it gets to Nairobi. But guess who i saw in Nairobi? Habibu and Douglas both!!!!! I spent alot of time with Habibu. I love him so much!!! He is an awesome guy. I am excited to give stuff to him and Douglas when the box comes. Who knows! Maybe i can be in the same district as Habibu or Douglas again someday!

So i was thinking about something the other day. I was walking in a dirt path, actually in a valley in between some banana trees. And suddenly i stopped and looked around and was like - "Oh my goodness, i have lived in the bush of Kenya for almost a year!!!!" Did you EVER imagine i would be living in the African bush for a year straight preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Cuz i sure didn't! 

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