An African Heart

An African Heart

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sea Biscuit, Ocean Cookie, Lake Doughnut...

Synonyms for the same heroic horse......

Alrighty then. I told you all in your individual emails that i would be telling you more about what's happening. Well, I shall now attempt to do so! Unless i get distracted or duty calls or "duty calls", if you know what i mean.

President Broadbent left on Sunday evening. We wanted to take him to the airport, but he had the Olsens take him instead and made us stay. It was a very tearful goodbye, but President and Sister Broadbent have served faithfully in one of the most demanding callings in the Church that i have EVER seen. Mission president is no joke, no joke at all.

That was Sunday night, and then Monday morning hit, and we picked up President Hicken bright and early from the mission home. We are his chauffeurs for the next week or so, and boy howdy, they are SCARED of my driving. I've gotten a little "better" at driving since being in Nairobi. I told Dad the truth, that we practice Darwinism on the Kenyan roads. And I'm the top of the food chain, buddy! BOOM! AIN'T GOT NOTHIN' ON ME!!! NO SIR!!!!!!! YOU WANNA CUT ME OFF??? I'LL CUT OFF YOU, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR ANIMALS, YOUR MOTHER, AND EVERYONE YOU'VE EVER KNOWN AND LOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (war cry) WAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So yeah they were scared as I showed them how to drive. But they have to get used to so much that driving is at the bottom right now. We have spent the past few days getting all used to the office and the new stuff. Ugh.... it's a bit strenuous and stressful, but we're getting there :) and we can TOTALLY see the Lord's help in all this :) He is amazing :)

So this month is going to be insanity. Next week we are taking off to Dar Es Salaam again, staying there for about 3 days. And you KNOW I'm gonna eat some Chips mayai kuku nusu baby! (it's like, french fries, with eggs cracked over them, plus half a chicken. How many calories, one may ask? IT'S OFF THE CHARTS!!!!!!) From Dar we fly to Arusha, the former capital of TZ. We will spend 2 or 3 days there and then get back to Nairobi. Then 3 days after we get back we drive to Chyulu, stay 2 days, drive to Mombasa, stay 3 days and come back. That week, we are in Nairobi (phew!) and the weekend we have a branch conference in Kilili. Then 2 days later we drive to Eldoret and stay there for a good 4 days or so, then we come home. By that time it will be the 1st of August or something. Basically from next week, ain't never a down moment. So if you don't get a long email for a month or so, just know that i love you all alot, (insert British accent) i'm just busier than a tea shop in ruddy ole' London, wot wot! (cease accent)

In other news, today is the best day of the whole year (almost) - the 4th of July. And actually, on a serious note, i want to say how thankful I am for America. There is simply no place on Earth that i would want to live more than America. It is indeed the land of opportunity. If you disagree, you've never been to a foreign country. If you have you've never been to a 3rd world country. 3rd world or not though, America is a blessed place. I can honestly testify that God has blessed and protected and prospered that land. It is a special place and a hallowed place. The restoration of the Lord's Gospel AND the Master's second coming have been/will be there (respectively), and that's because the Father has seen to it that America would be a place of freedom and opportunity! I love America with all my heart. I am completely loyal to Her constitution and Her Declaration of Independence. I support and uphold the laws. I support and sustain the President, whoever he may be, just as the 12th article of faith states that we do. I LOVE our country and always will :) celebrate hard for me, i'll catch the American spirit next year with you. But i'll be darned if i don't listen to the National Anthem and America the Beautiful and say the Pledge of Allegiance tonight! AMERICA!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and tonight President Hicken is taking us to Spurr's to buy us unlimited BBQ ribs. OH DANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With a never-ending spring of love flowing from my aortic valve,

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