An African Heart

An African Heart

Monday, October 14, 2013

A Nice Week

Yup. It was a nice week! We prepared for the Mission Leadership Council which was held in Nairobi on Friday. We studied ALOT of material and got an idea of what we would be doing, and then we let the Spirit guide and wow wow wow. Went fantastic. The last time I cried while bearing testimony was like, last year. I have found that back home I thought crying = good testimony. Wrong. The Spirit can make you cry, and there's nothing really wrong with crying, but for me I generally bear testimony and don't cry. But I was pretty dern choked up while I bore testimony on Friday. In answer to my prayers, the Lord has granted me charity for all these missionaries. I know them well and I really do love them. It's going to be very hard to not get to see them anymore, and I can tell you right now that leaving my mission will be harder than when I left home. Ugh... I love serving the Lord and there's still so much I could do if I had more time, but there is a time and a place for everything, and I will simply continue to serve just as faithfully in whatever calling I have when I'm home. For now, I am thoroughly enjoying my time out here :)

We also had a talent show today in Nairobi Stake. Elder Jensen, one of my best buddies (who really was one of my best buddies in the pre-mortal existence because we can finish each other's sentences, almost literally) and I with Elder Gideon put together some musical numbers. First we did a trio of "God loved us so He sent His Son", which we had done a few times before with a missionary choir. Then, we did "How Great Thou Art", Backstreet Boys style, and it turned out beautiful actually. Haha people began to get really excited. Then the finale - a hip hop version of "Battle Hymn of the Republic". People went crazy. They were so excited when we finished! And not cuz we were bad, cuz they liked it! So i can only imagine the musical fusion that will flow when Elder Jensen (Blaine is his first name) and I and Tanner and Benny and Daniel get together and get down with our bad selves. Oh yeah.

I am really pleased to serve the Lord in the calling of an Assistant. But I feel like I can always do more! It's not a very good feeling... which means it may not be from God... but I just feel like I am not doing very much. I will be able to serve my last transfer, next transfer, in the field before coming home. That's in 3 weeks, and I'll keep you updated on where I go and what happens. I love these people and this country. I pray that I can do what He wants me to do and be humble enough to be His instrument. I want to do good because He needs people He can trust. Plus I am happy when I do good. I don't ever want to let my pride keep me from learning from others no matter who it is; keep me from doing what the Spirit tells me to, even if I disagree; making things right, apologizing, or humbling myself to admit that I'm wrong, or anything else. Pride is so dangerous and I am prone to it, so my guard is high against it. I have, with the Lord's help and President Hicken's help, cleaned my thoughts. I have bad thoughts now and then, but when a bad thought comes, I go to the Celestial room of the IF temple and "Abide with me, 'tis eventide" plays in head to invite the Savior's presence and Spirit, and ell evil goes as I focus on clearing my thoughts. I have really seen that the promise in Ether 12:27 is true, that the Lord will, when we humble ourselves and come to Him and do what we must, progressively and line upon line build our weaknesses into strengths. Man family!!! The Gospel is so liberating and comforting and secure. I can't ever leave it no matter what life throws at me. I love the Lord and my Father alot. And of course, love you all too. You guys are so cool. Hope you have a fantastic week, and remember, "I know that wrestling is fun... a nice punch to the face, pile-driver to the face... but you cannot do it! Because it says in the Bible not to wrestle your neighbor..." (Nacho Libre)

With all my love, Conrad

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