An African Heart

An African Heart

Friday, August 24, 2012

To Dad

I am so jealous of the family vacation. Dang man, i really missed you all this week. This week tore by really fast though. Do you realize i hit my 8 month mark this past week? My mission is 1/3 over! Gosh... But i am glad Granny is well. Give her my love still. And as for her increasing age, all will be well Dad. You know that! And especially if she is cleaning and refining her life now, she will find eternities to be a happy prospect :)

hahahahahaha chicken drama!!! hahahahah dangit man that made me laugh big time. Chickens are everywhere here. and you know what i found a new love for? SCARING CHICKENS!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! They flip out man. The term "Chicken!" for a scared person has taken a whole new face! Chickens... and drama... together... at night!

Do you know what i learned this week? I was studying and i concluded that i need to give everybody, especially these Kenyans, the benefit of a doubt. I need to, as the prophet counselled, look for the good and take compassionately the bad. I need to believe their claims to devotion to God, and treat them as such. Elder Arineitwe used to say something great. "If you treat people as they are, they will stay as they are. If you treat people as what you want them to become, they will become what they need to be." Great wisdom, huh? I learned to show compassion and give the benefit of a doubt. I am still striving, but slowly getting there. And you know what? Everytime i choose to, the love of the Savior fills my soul and i literally feel it :) It is a great change.

I lvoe you Daddio! Keep up the workout. Check out Mom's emails for the things i told her. Keep working out please! Dad, you are a good man, and i have learned all from you! I can't wait to climb that mountain when we are reunited. You're my hero Dad!

Elder Schneider
p.s. maybe no pics this week, short on time. Next week, double the amount! :)

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