An African Heart

An African Heart

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Usijali jamaa yangu! (You don't worry, my family!)

Since i have no time, as you all know, let me be brief, bold, bodacious, and butterfly. Wait no, not butterfly. But the first three, yes.

Safety: I have not seen anything with guns or bombs for a long time. In fact, me personally, i have never been around an area where there was any craziness going on. I have been blessed. As for what happened after nominations, there was just some people being beat up and some homes being burned and tires burned in the streets. It was far from our home though, and nobody died. Since then, all has been very peaceful! We still aren't going to Kibera. When election time comes, around March, things will get tense. My guess is this: for at least one week, President Broadbent will have me and my companion stay indoors. During, before by a bit, and after elections he will just have us stay around home. I highly doubt we will be out working when that time comes. So "be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed, for the Lord thy God is with [me], whithersoever [I go]." I forgot the reference to that... Joshua 1:9? Any other questions about my security? You can ask so i can put your minds at rest about them. And don't worry guys, i won't lie just to make you not worry. I will answer honestly. 

Zone conference is this Wednesday, and i got one of the senior couples to video tape our number. It is beautiful, and will be a real treat for everyone. When i get home, you can bet your bottom dollar imma be makin dem musical numbuhs fa sho hizzy fizzang posho lil piddy!!!!!! AND, this transfer is one week short because of the MTC time shortened, so transfer news is this Saturday. I may be getting a new companion. Do you realize something? This new guy may be my 3rd to last companion. Unless you count my eternal companion, which makes him my 4th to last. 

Durr....... well now we are going to go and teach some guys that are being baptized in 2 Sundays. Life is good, and i am regular (colonary speaking). Also, when i get home, first chance i get to go camping i am growing out my beard. OH YEAH! I can grow a nice goatee in like, 4 days or so. I think when i go camping i will grow a Gandalf beard... then go to the temple... no that's evil... but oh yeah, i selected some events that will happen upon arriving back in the USA:

1. Enter the car and listen to Elton John on the way home.
2. Upon arriving home, hug Katie and Koko (unless she's decomposing)
3. Kiss my piano.
- forgot one, go in my room and offer a prayer of thanks.
4. Remove my suit coat and pants and shirt and beat Benjamin and Daniel into the carpet.
5. Eat some delicious Mexican food that Mom makes :)
6. Get into comfy clothes, get about 10 or 15 blankets, and watch as many movies as time will allow while eating popcorn and all manner of horribly unhealthy foods.
7. Next day, TEMPLE. No budging on this one. 
8. Go to Great Harvest and get some steamy delicious bread.
9. Visit Grandma and Uncle Matt (unless they come to the temple with us)
10. Hang out with Tanner and Justin at our house.
11. Use our toilet. And shower.

So... i love you all! Those are some return home items. BUT! We got ten months to go my dear eternal family! Endure to the End, for it comes quickly!!!! :)

Love forever, Conrad

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