An African Heart

An African Heart

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

HA! Loved that Harry Potter stuff Ben. I giggled profusely. 

So big news!!! I'm getting a haircut when we finish emailing! YEAH!!!!! OH YEAH!!!!!!! OH MAN!!!!!! HAIRCUT!!!!!!!!! WHAT?!?!?! HAIRCUT!!!!! HAIR - WHAT - CUT - WHAT!!!!!! BOOM, HOOP DER IT IS!!!!!!! OH YEAH!!!!!!!!

 In other news, we learned alot of detail about the coming elections and the safety precautions, the musical number and zone conference went spectacularly well, and i am getting a new companion. But, ya know, unimportant.

Love, Elder Schneider

p.s. Ok let me expound a little bit!

First of all, the elections. We were informed that on the 3rd, a Sunday, after church we will go straight home and will remain indoors for at least 5 days! haha so we will be safe. We also may be housing some other missionaries simply because the apartment is so big and roomy (and clean, i might add. We deep cleaned it today.) But if the danger is high, we will either go to the mission home, another apartment, or possibly evacuate. Haha! But, don't worry. We will be ok, i promise. I still have a lot in my patriarchal blessing to fulfill. 

MARCH 4TH NONE OF YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL FROM ME BECAUSE I WILL BE STUCK INDOORS. So please do not think i am dead or hurt or something when you dont receive an email. The mission will keep Mom and Dad fully updated with current emails on what is happening. So you shall be informed, but never fear. Have faith that the Lord protects His servants. 

As for zone conference, wow. A missionary couple video taped it the second time we did it. Their camera died the first time. In my opinion the first was better, but both were good. Wow wow! Everybody loved it, and President and Sister B called me for like a day after thanking me for it. I did not do it alone though, Sister Thorne had a HUGE part to play in it. But we also did a surprise one, "Homeward Bound", for all the departing missionaries. People cried during all our numbers. YES! I am excited to make some when i get home. All of you prepare to participate. 

MY new companion is... drum roll.... ELDER GIDEON!!!!!! YEEEEAAAHHHHH!!!!!! Yes, it is the same Elder Gideon from South Africa who is a personal trainer in Capetown! His mother is a big shot with Reebok or some big ole' sports company, and he can get me cool discounts too :) He is a GREAT missionary, and we get along awesome from the time we spent together in Kilungu. I am SO EXCITED!!!! FEAR, BENJAMIN AND DANIEL. I HAVE ONE OF CAPETOWN'S BEST PERSONAL TRAINERS AS MY COMPANION. EVERY DAY IS A WORKOUT DAY!!!!!! Except Sunday.

So please also tell Bishop Landers thank you for me!!!! I totally forgot to have you tell him thank you!!!! A few weeks ago i received a package from him and feasted on delicious goodies and read inspiring notes from the Young Men and some confessions from young women about crushes and stuff. Tafadhali wombia Bishop nimesema asante sana!!!!!!! (please tell Bishop i say thank you very much!)

Well this week was good. We had to postpone some baptisms, but this coming Sunday we are baptizing at least 2. Bryson and Jack, son and nephew (respectively) of Sister Evelyn Jepkemei. She has been a member for a while, but her Catholic husband has kept the 2 boys from being baptized. Now they are 18 and have chosen to be baptized and get out on missions. They are powerful and totally prepared. Sister Melen, a simple and sweet lady of around 40 or so years, maybe 45, is also being baptized most likely this coming sunday. She is so sweet. I have a love for her that can be called compassion. I just want her to be happy and at peace. We also started teaching her oldest son this week, and he will be baptized. Our teaching pool is deep and happy! 

Most of our week consisted of zone conference and what i mentioned above, and also my keyboard teaching classes are going well. 3 of my students are REALLY doing well. I took pictures and everything, but this computer is poop so it ain't working. 

I'm going to take Elder Omara out to dinner or lunch this week, and my home card is working again :D whatever you did, thanks!! We were bored last week too, so we took some funny videos in our apartment and i gave you a video tour. I may send that one soon because i almost have filled it up. I am glad you liked the videos. Yeah.. 4th of July was... peculiar... 

Well, all's good in the neighborhood! I love the Lord, the Church is true. I haven't a single doubt in my heart or mind that this is the truth. I intend to faithfully serve the Lord in ANY calling i receive for the rest of mortality. I will never stray or budge on my standards. I even resigned a few weeks ago to give myself strict dating standards as an RM. No being in a parked car alone, NEVER in a house alone, save seriously passionate kissing until marriage, etc. (when i say alone, i mean me and a woman). I fully intend to keep these standards. I told myself, "Conrad, don't say something like this to yourself if you're gonna go home and break it." So i resolved in my soul, it is final. 

Love you all so much. You are my best friends and i love you with an undying love! I will be safe, i will have the Spirit! You do the same, and all shall be well in Zion! ;)

Love, Conrad

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