An African Heart

An African Heart

Monday, March 11, 2013

"I Survived Kenyan Elections 2013"

For sure i need a shirt that says that.

Well as the caption implies, i survived! And i don't think i have ever done more reading in my entire life! I read over 10 New Era magazines, The Spencer W. Kimball book, and probably over 30 or 40 hours in the scriptures. And as boring as it was at times, i have learned and grown much actually. Haha! Kinda surprised me what i learned and did. I also learned the basics of Afrikaans (Elder Gideon's mother tongue, it's like Dutch and they speak it in Capetown and parts of S.A.), learned some ball-handling soccer skills, and ate lots of food and worked out twice a day. Overall... i hope i never have to be stuck inside like that EVER AGAIN!!!!! MAN!!!!!!!!!!!

One thing i learned was about the future. Sometimes we really stress it, myself included. School, career, marriage, health, etc. But God can make all things possible! He DOES answer prayers, and we must believe that He does! But this time inside i have come to a knowledge of a few very important things. One is that prayer. Another is that if we rely on the Lord, what can daunt us? He is in complete control, and the future is bright when we rely on Him. Also, this church and every point of it is absolutely true. I read some Jehovah's Witness magazines with an open heart. They teach some truth, as all church's, even Islam, do. We should not frown on other churches. Why frown on those who are trying to make it back to Heaven, but don't know the way? But when one learns our doctrine and applies it, it is simply true. This is His kingdom, and we must uphold it.

Lastly is what President Packer advised me in one of the New Era's. A testimony is to be found in the bearing of it! If you don't know that Christ lives and is the Savior, bear testimony and the Holy Ghost will confirm! I love how President Packer said, "Bear testimony of things that you hope are true." AWESOME!!!! Please, eternal family, bear testimony often. Judge slowly. Love sincerely. Be and live healthy. Obey the commandments, including to pray often. I love you all with an undying, eternal love. See you soon enough :)

Love forever, Conrad (Elder Schneider)

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