An African Heart

An African Heart

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

On a Lighter Note

Considering i left on such a sad note, i thought i could share some other things that are happening or did happen on a lighter note :)

This week we're going to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania! It's gonna be AWESOME!!!!!!!! Elder Mulondo often tells me about how awesome Dar is, so i am really excited to go. Plus, it will give me more chances to work on my Swahili. No English speaking down there, only Swahili. Heh..... heh..... better stay with my companion ;) lakini, naweza kuongea Kiswahili vizuri. Naendelea kujifunza na mwenzangu ananifundisha. (but, i am able to speak Swahili well. I'm continuing to learn and my companion is teaching me.) It's a pretty cool language, and it feels super cool to learn it. By the way, does George of the Jungle take place in Uganda or the Congo?

Wanna hear a funny story? (assuming you said "yes" unanimously) OK!

We were asked to laminate some things. So we get out the laminator, fire it up, run thru a sheet, and it comes out all messed up. This happened twice before we realized there's an issue. Well, we cooled it down, and when we inspected, noticed a big piece of melted plastic stuck inside. So we began to work to get out. After about an hour, we started to get weary. The Elder who was helping me had to leave, so i was on my own. Discouraged after another half hour, i went to one of the best places for revelations - the toilet! So i sat and the thought came - "Have you prayed yet?" 'Well, no...' i battled with my conscience, 'but do i really need to pray about something so small as fixing a laminator?' "Why not?" came the sensible reply from my conscience. So i left my "revelation seat" and went and sat in front of the laminator. I bowed my head and said a prayer that i could get the plastic. When i finished, i had a fleeting thought to try from a different way, and boom. Got it out in under 3 minutes :) Now tell me... does God hear EVERY prayer? My testimony is yes. Yes He does. Even about laminators :)

The office is getting easier. The hardest thing is that we never get to teach people unless the Upperhill elders need help. I MISS TEACHING PEOPLE SO BAD!!!!!!!!!! :( It is not fun at all to be away from that. We got to teach a guy cuz the office elders needed help, and when i was teaching, i just felt the wonderful familiar feeling of the Spirit working in me, whispering things to my heart and mind, the confidence of the Spirit filling me, and my attitude and temper controlled and directed. AH! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Sometimes i have trouble listening to the Spirit, but when i teach, i have no doubt as to which direction to take. The Spirit takes full reign. By the way, when you are dealing with somebody who dislikes the Church or is trying to confound you take this approach: be humble as can be, listen very closely, respect their opinions and feelings, look for truth in what they say or think, show LOVE even if they are offensive, and simply tell the truth about our Church and doctrine and bear testimony. The Churches around us half part of the truth, remember that. They have some truth, and there are wonderful churches and great people. But this Church has everything!

Well, love you all forever. You are my greatest joy. I can't even imagine what it will be like to have my own family with my eternal companion. I hope they are as awesome as the family i have now. I love you all so much.

Love forever,

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