An African Heart

An African Heart

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

To Mom

Hey Momma :)

Missionary petunias, huh? That's a nice thing of Sister Richardson to do. I have thought about her alot. That's cool that she would do that for all of us. But oh my goodness i had no idea that all those were out serving!!!!!! And out of all of them, i may be the first one home, huh? When does Makel Michael come home? Is she going to beat me home or will i be first?

Yeah well your Mom radar sure is working. Not that we were in alot of danger, but driving on Mombasa highway is never a safe thing for sure. We had a very very safe journey though! It's just that the things that go from the coast to Kenya or Uganda inland have to come through Mombasa, and therefore have to use Mombasa highway. So there are TONS of big semi's. Somebody told us the daily statistic of trucks passing on the Mombasa highway road daily, to and from Mombasa: 65,000 trucks DAILY!!! AH!!! That's SO MANY!!! So we were passing alot alot. But really we were protected and safe and for that we thank the Lord. I will share more about Mombasa in my big family email.

Kirsten is going to be a great missionary. She's a good woman. Poor Ty... his first missionary! Man, when i think about when i first left, i had no idea how much a i had to learn and was going to learn. It's mind-boggling and humbling in retrospect. But it can suffice to say now that i will be eternally thankful for my mission and all that i have learned out here. I am still changing and definitely not perfect, but i am trying to improve.

Man... well, those Idaho summer days aren't too far for me. I am really thinking about school still... I'm afraid i may have pushed for an answer too quickly. I don't want to ask the Lord again if He already gave me an answer, but i feel like now i understand some things i didn't before. For example, i have now seen and felt what it's like to live the life of a non-active missionary, being in the office, and it sure is different. I have gotten so used to busy, active life, that sit-down life, or life without a perfectly scheduled day is a little bit tough. I'm wondering how it will be to go home and do even less, except work and stuff.... So i have things to think about.

I love you too so much Momma. I know your prayers protected us on the road this week. You are a blessing to my life and I know God put us together in mortality because we can help each other. I think you help me lots more though. I love you and respect you as my mother and I am so thankful for how you have helped me in the past and in the present. You are the BEST!!!! :)

Love forever, Conrad

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