An African Heart

An African Heart

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hungry, Happy, and...... uh...... Mundivagant

haHA! How many of you ACTUALLY know what mundivagant means??? Yeah i didn't either. In fact, i'm a dirty cheater. I got on and looked up synonyms for "traveling". So yeah, mundivagant means that you are traveling a lot.

In other news, I'm starving right now and a little bit... uh. Getting a new mission president is a toughie. But i think new mission president or not, being an Assistant has lessons to teach. One big one, for example, is humility and sustaining your leaders. As an Assistant, President Hicken told us, we are similar to a counsellor. We give counsel, we advise, and when he makes a decision (whether in line with our counsel or not) we go with it and support it as if it is our own. HOLY PIG DOG STINKIN TWINKIE ROASTING PILLOW FIGHTING HASH SLINGING MASH FLINGING TRASH SINGING RASH BRINGING SASH DINGING GOOBERS BATMAN!!!!!!! EASIER SAID THAN DONE!!!!!!!!!!!

(a few deep breaths later)

Sustaining a decision that you do not agree with is an acquired skill. And i am learning it. It is something quite amazing about the Church, and when it is not there, nothing could get done because a decision could rarely be made unanimously. So yes, that is what my life basically consists of right now. But i love and sustain President and Sister Hicken with all my heart, I love and sustain my companion, and most of all i love the Lord and i'm so thankful that He understands me. I need to do my scripture study for today too, thanks for reminding me.

So we got back from Der Al Shazam and Arusha and we are leaving tomorrow to take off to Eastern Kenya. Pretty excited for that! From the sound of things, we will be flying to all the places in the mission instead of driving from now on because President Hicken doesn't like driving. COOL! I'm ok with that for sure. Although airports are a pain, driving 8+ hours is a bigger pain. But this time we are driving so keep us in your prayers please!!

Dar es Salaam was nice and humid, as always. But it was actually not that bad... it's "winter" there, meaning it is below 80 degrees. The conference was nice and short, we role played, and President interviewed TONS of people. He is spending a long time so he can get to know people. President also took us to a fancy shmancy restaurant on the Dar coast. It was SO cool. It was night so the shore pics aren't good. And when you look at the pictures and see something hanging out of my companion's mouth, that is a fish head. He ordered an entire fish. They brought the whole thing and he devoured it. Yup, Africa for sure. Arusha was also nice, but polar opposite weather wise. COLD!!!!! I actually used 2 blankets for the first time in 19 months. And it was about that time that i realized, ".........I'm gonna die when i go home." So it was nice knowing you, but as soon as i step off the plane, i'm dead. In Arusha we got a lift to Church from some smoking, raggae listening guy we flagged down. HA! Don't worry, there were 6 of us and 1 of him, so when he tried to rob us we beat him to a pulp and took his clothes. hahaha joking, he was super nice. When we got off the truck, i even invited him to church next Sunday :) in Swahili :D "Wiki jayo, umekaribishwa kanisani!"

So now that we're back in Nairobi, we're just in the office. Ugh...... do i miss teaching the Gospel? 1000000% Do i miss tracting and contacting? I used to dislike contacting alot so i never thought i would, but i do. And from the sound of it, President Hicken may keep me here in the office up until i finish my mission. But don't think that i am murmuring. I love whatever calling the Lord allows me to have. I am SO thankful to be here in the office. I am seeing what it will be like to come home and have to adjust. I am also learning so many skills that will come in extremely handy in professional life and people skills that i am thankful for. AND, President Hicken is always willing to pass on wisdom and advice and it is wonderful. I am very thankful for the chance to serve. I love my mission with all my heart, and i pray sincerely that I can do all that the Lord would have me do. Love you all times infinity and beyond! You are the cat's pajamas!!!!!!

With love forever, Elder Schneider 2, the Sequel

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