An African Heart

An African Heart

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Busy Week and Mixed Feelings

As the title implies (as it almost always does) this was... well... a busy week and i had mixed feelings throughout the week!

From last week, we were finalizing transfers, and guess who my new companion is? ELDER GIDEON AGAIN!!!!!!! :D :D :D We are pretty flippin excited for this privilege to be together again. We work really well together and are good buddies. Unfortunately, President Hicken has informed me that the Brethren have asked that no Assistant ever finish their mission in the office, therefore I will be leaving the office after this transfer. That means I have five weeks left as an Assistant. Then I will spend my last six weeks in a proselyting area somewhere. I have mixed feelings because I have grown very close to the Hickens, and also Elder Gideon is awesome and we work well together. To be together for 2 transfers as Assistants would have been awesome. But, I am very excited to get out and go work again. I have my fingers partly crossed for Tanzania so I can solidify my Swahili before I come home. But whatever the Lord desires from me, I will do it. He has been so good to me and done things for me and granted me my desires throughout my whole mission. He has taught me lessons and made known His presence and His love on too many occasions. It took alot to teach me, but I can't deny or doubt that He and His Son live and love us. Jesus Christ is so much more than the world makes Him to be. There shouldn't be a time when He and His standards and expectations are not forefront in our minds and hearts. Personally, I really do love Him because I know He has done TONS for me. Some I see, some I don't see but He still does it all for me. I thank Him for all that He has done and I completely willingly will do all that He asks of me.

Transfers were crazy, cuz they were quite big. But with the Lord's help, I was able to direct them and they went smoothly. As of today (Saturday), everyone is in their new areas and they are happy and continuing in the work. Transfer week is always early mornings and late nights, so we got sleep when we could. Haha, over Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I think I slept less than 10 hours though... a bit crazy :) But all is well now, President Hicken is very pleased, and Elder Gideon and I are rejuvenated. As Elder Gideon has been learning to drive in Nairobi, he is doing well. The driving is so insane that is an acquired skill. It makes me realize what an absolute miracle it was for me to learn. I learned:
1. To drive stick in 2 days
2. To drive it in Nairobi
3. Opposite sides (steering on the right, drive on the left side of the road)
Man...... the fast that we had all together really brought results according to our faith and the will of God. Cuz now i can drive stick just fine. Elder Gideon says I drive like I have been driving stick for a long time. Ha..... and by the way, I want a stick shift when I get home. That will be my goal for a car. Preferable a small truck :) Oh yeah!!!!

I have less than 80 days left, according to one particularly trunky Elder in my group. We have been doing lots of scheduling and coordinating and preparation for President and his conferences and councils up until December. As the senior Assistant it is alot of responsibility, especially since President has now informed me unless he is otherwise informed, I will be leaving the office after this transfer. So I have to teach Elder Gideon EVERYTHING in the next five weeks. Whew.... but the Lord can do it, and Elder Gideon can do it. He is an awesome guy, my brother really. We're very close and I am thankful for it. You ALL should email him if you would, just let him know we all love him. President even had us do some disciplinary stuff with him. It was amazing, and we learned tons from what he had us do. He is so willing to teach us at every opportunity. Again, another mercy from God. I will use them in whatever calling my future may hold.

So this month, we will be going around for Mission Leadership Councils. We will visit Kisumu, Arusha, and Mombasa. We will also go to Mwanza to visit. These will be my last travels as well :) Time is running low! Elder Lawson got home and even sent me a picture. Yech....... well, love you all to death. Hope you're still good. Stay healthy please.

Love always, Elder Schneider

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