An African Heart

An African Heart

Monday, September 23, 2013

From President Hicken regarding my inquiry about terrorist attacks in Nairobi

Dear Bro. Schneider,
All missionaries serving in Nairobi proper have been on lockdown since the attack occurred on Saturday afternoon. This morning I let the missionaries on the southern part of town, several miles from northern Nairobi where the attack took place, back out to proselyte.

 Elder Schneider is very safe and is normally with me.
We notified all parents and/or priesthood leaders on Saturday night that all missionaries were in their flats and safe. 

Elder Schneider helped make most of those notifications but must have forgotten his own parents. 

Sorry for missing you.

All other missionaries are far from Nairobi and not anywhere near this event. 

With much love and regard for your son
Pres. Hicken 

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