An African Heart

An African Heart

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mother Dearest!

Whoooweee! What a change! I got a new companion named Elder Munyoro from Zimbabwe. He is a cool guy! He is an excellent teacher and together we feel that the area is really going to progress. I am excited to get to work with him.  I may be in Kilungu for 5 more weeks, or up until December 2. We won't know until mid-October though. I love this area Momma, and my heart is with these people here.

New phones huh? Sounds like you guys are receiving even MORE blessings! Yeah, definitely get Benny something hard core. Except he is growing up a bit, right? So his phone will probably undergo less pain. WITH CLAIRE?!?! Wow.... scary huh? Except they both have the highest of standards, so as long as they play it safe and smart, all will be well with those two. Aww... wittle Benny is getting more hormones!!!!!!!!

Poor Jessie... give her a big ole' hug for me and make sure she knows that her big (taller) brother will talk to her soon :) She can endure anything. With both her brother and best friend gone, God must surely be testing her at this time. She must  make sure she learns from these trials, and she will come out a true and able servant of the Lord for sure. Give her my love please.

And Danny too, what an awesome kid. He is unusually sharp for a kid his age. He has incredible potential as we know. Make sure you tell him i said that please. I love him so much too, and he will need lots of nourishment from the fam.

Ohhhhh lucky... you get to go to the temple!! I want to go sooo bad. Thanks for putting my name in the temple. I have faith that the blessings will come somehow. Maybe i won't even see them, but the Lord has always, always provided for me Mom. He has never left me alone when i needed Him. Even now, my heart is just full of love for the Lord. I am blessed far beyond what i deserve.

Is all good? All is fantastic. You know why? I am developing hope! Hope is basically optimism and faith combined! And wow, blessings are flowing from the development of this Christlike attribute! Please PLEASE Momma, go look up hope in Preach My Gospel, and discuss it with the family for Family Home Evening. If it is possible to have Jessie there when you discuss it, she could definitely use it as well. Hope will make life a thousand times happier! All becomes well if hope is developed. It goes hand in hand with patience, and Momma, we need hope in this world. We need hope in our fellow men, in our family's welfare, and mostly hope in Christ that He will make everything work. He will, and i testify in His holy name that He will make everything work. PLEASE go look that up and really mull it over. Ponder it and even search it out. Ether 12 helps as well, especially verses 4 and 32.

I am thankful for you Mom. You are amazing! I could never ask for a better Mother. The Zweifel's wrote me a letter and went on about how awesome our family is. In my reply letter i said, "DUH!!!!" hahaha just kidding. But they are right, you and Dad and the Lord have raised a family that is upright and honest and prosperous before Him. We all love our Heavenly King, and it is because of the example that you and Dad have set for us!

By the way, i got the letters from Great Harvest! It was really nice. And as for the box, i would also love some memory cards, some deodorant would be great, and if there's room past all the candy and other stuff, a pedometer. Just so i can see how much i walk each day.

By the way, Elder Semnonza is Elder Sarlo's new companion. He is my new friend and i love him! He is from Uganda and he is so funny and cool. AND, from the same ward as Habibu!

Well Mommy, you are my hero and i love you! Keep up the good fight! Expect some letters that i may need delivered. And some that won't need to be delivered :)

Love you forever,

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