An African Heart

An African Heart

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas in Africa!!!!!

Well, we were waiting anxiously for today, thinking Conrad would be able to give us a phone call, but apparently it's an MTC rule that they can't call.  Major letdown!  But he was able to send us email again today so we survived.  He sounds happy and still sounds motivated and that's more important right now.  He said he and his companion have had to adjust quite a bit to each other and is learning how difficult it can be to try to be with a companion 24 hours a day and not end up killing each other!  Thankfully, I and his church leaders, as well as others, prepared him by telling him honestly that it will be difficult at times, so it didn't come as a shock.  We're excited for him to get to Kenya where he will have permission to email photos.    Below are a few excerpts from his emails yesterday and today.

TO JESSIE:  Ok here's the thing. Tomorrow i don't get to call, even though it's christmas :( lame huh?? But i will get to email again. So i will, fa sho. There are some really intersting things here. In Kenya, I was told some of the food i will eat: Mosquito patty burgers, beetles, dog, various other bugs. Ya they looove their bugs, and i get to eat them. An entomologist's worst nightmare, right?  

TO LEAH:    I pray and think about our family all the time. I am eating well, interesting food tho. They love onions here. The weather is awesome and i am staying in shape. Dangit i will have more time tomorrow!! And i will reply fully to your email then. But just know this. My testimony and absolute surety of the truthfulness of this church is solidifying. I love this thing. Whenever i miss my family i think of the work i am doing and of the blessings that it will inevitably bring our family. I pray for you every night mom. You don't need to miss me, i am having the time of my life!! Don't be discouraged becuase of this short email, you will recieve a big big one tomorrow with everythikng in it. I love you to death and i will email you soon :) I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YYYYYYYOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With great love and a warm blanket,
Elder Conrad Schneider.
I love you :)

TO DAD:   I love this place, and especially today my testimony of the Savior and his closeness has grown. He loves me truly and he is near me when i ask for him. I am so happy!!!  Tell the family i had a wonderful christmas and i am so happy. Hoorah for Israel!!
Your Son,
Elder Conrad Schneider

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