An African Heart

An African Heart

Saturday, December 17, 2011

December 16, 2011

"Lya enviri zo!" that is the only phrase of Ugandan i know. it means "Eat your hair" hahahahahahaha you pronounce it like "lee-ya in-vee-ree zoh". now you know ugandan!! I love you guys. when i think of you all i am not homesick, just filled with the deepest love. that is the truth, i promise. I can feel my soul being strengthened and powered by the awesome spirit here. alot of guys are homesick, but i am just eager to learn. i had my first teaching experience yesterday. it was role playing, but my teacher, brother Shabangu, grilled us!! He said i did good though. My companion here is Elder Kagame (kah-gah-meh). he is from Uganda and Rwanda and he has a very strong accent, difficult to understand sometimes. He speaks 16 languages!!!!!  I will talk to you next saturday and i love you all. I pray for you every morning and night and i hope you are all having a wonderful time at home. It is  nice 70 degrees here and slightly windy. tropical, no bugs, happy!! :D some of my good friends here already are elder Mapeka and elder Mwingira and elder Muwanguzi and of course elder Kagame. I love this work, and i love my family. I will return with honor.
With deepest love,
Elder Conrad Schneider, your son

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