An African Heart

An African Heart

Friday, November 30, 2012

November 20, 2012

Awwwwww dangit Dad, sorry i forgot to tell you what i wanted in the box!!!!!!!! I was only going to add 3 things:
1. almond roca
2. chocolate
3. oreos
But maybe you guys could include that in the next one?

No i didn't see Steve Kyalo, but i did talk to him. We will meet when i get a chance to go to Nairobi. When Kenyans say "We'll meet", they mean presumably before the Second Coming. Haha, they are pretty wretched with time. And distance. If they tell you, "Oh, it's only one kilometer away!" You'll walk 3 or 4. If they tell you it is a few km, it is over 5. If they tell you it's far, then don't bother, cuz it's too far. One time a guy in Naitiri told us, "Yeah, the next town is only 500 metres away". Yeah well, it was over 3 km.

NEITEHR BEN OR MOM EMAILED ME TO TELL ME ABOUT THE PATRIARCHAL BLESSING!!!!!!!!!! I really wanna know but they forgot to email me. I guess i can hear next week tho. That is awesome about the Boise temple. I really wish i could have seen that! I bet it was a great experience. I love the prophet.

Sister Hall, a couple missionary here in Kilungu, recorded and sent my Christmas video this week! You gotta tell me if you get it. I told her to send it to you and Mom. Yes, i gave her your emails. So that should work out. Pretty exciting, huh? She kinda caught me off guard tho, so i didn't really know what to say. It's ok tho, none of it was staged, we just had fun and spoke!

Other than that, i love you Dad. Life is good, and Elder Munyoro and i are great. We are working well together, and i am happy! Oh yeah, the taco seasoning opened on the ride over, so everything is taco flavored. The smarties, necco wafers, craisins, shower loofa, deodorant, sheet music, everything. But i am cooking some pretty awesome stuff with it too!!! It smells like a mexican's home in our apartment building!!

Viva la Schneider familia!!!!! OLE!!!!!

Love you forever,

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