An African Heart

An African Heart

Friday, November 30, 2012

November 27, 2012

COME ON!!!!!!!!

It's not fair that Ben has a weights class!!!! He gets like, an hour and a half to work out, but we only get half an hour!!!!!!!!!! AHHH!!!!!! I don't care though, I will push harder and beat him. No matter how big he gets, i am still his older brother, and i am going to WHOOP him!!!!! YEAH!!!!!

And oh my goodness!! Daniel looks way too grown up! He does look like me too, but different in a way. More grown up than me for sure. Wow. Danny boy is going to be huge too. How tall and big and strong is he now?

So don't worry at all about the taco seasoning, no problems! I still have a ton of seasoning, so i won't be needing another one. You are a genius for putting that in there by the way. We use it for just about every other meal, sometimes more often. And i love the stuff in the box. I shared it with the other guys too. I sent Habibu and Douglas their stuff recently. It's at the office, and it will get to them soon. They will love it. Especially Habibu, he LOVES pistachios haha. I am excited for the Christmas box though! I trust you to put in good stuff. But if i can ask, no more necco wafers or smarties. hahaha they were fantastic, but... too much of a good thing is a bad thing right? ;) My umbrella is still doing wonderfully. I have only used it a few times. It is a bit of a pain to carry around, and you have to have both hands free when you walk the hills in the rain or you will fall. So i use it around home when it is raining, like when we go to the market or something in the rain. Other than that, all is well in Elder Schneider's supplies. I am planning on giving 4 or 5 shirts away when i leave Kilungu because there will be 5 men baptized who need white shirts. I have used 4 of the same shirts since the start of my mission, and since i will be going to the city, i better take out some clean ones. Which brings me to transfers!

The news comes this Saturday afternoon. Since last transfer time there were no transfers, there will most likely be this time. Elder Sarlo and i will probably be leaving Kilungu. He thinks i will go somewhere in Nairobi. I have no clue where i am going to go! But chances are very good that i will be gone from Kilungu. I will miss this place badly, but i am ready for a change too. Six months dealing with the issues and trials of a place is a long time. However, i know these people will miss me (not boasting), they told me haha! A member said my Kamba name would be "mwendwa". It is Kamba for "the loved one". haha!

As for the video, i will honestly try. I think it can definitely be possible if Sister Hall is up for it. In fact i am almost positive that i can do that. Because Sister Hall will be at the baptisms, and we could do it there in the chapel. I don't know if the other guys will be in it but we'll see. So i will try Momma :)

No you never told me Jessie is the Relief Society pianist! But that's wonderful. What a fun calling, just playing piano over and over!!!!! Maybe they'll call me to that when i get back. Then i can play piano AND get all the funny little Relief Society handouts all the women get! As for Kendra, you can write this:

"Dear Sister Hudman, Thanks again for all the wonderful counsel you gave me! You taught me SO WELL how to use the pedal, and guess what? I have been in the bush for a year and they only have keyboards - with no pedals. But hopefully i can remember how when i go to the city. But i love you and miss you, and i wouldn't mind a letter from you if you have time in your schedule.  Again - love you so much!!!! Love from Kenya, Elder Schneider"

Thanksgiving sounded awesome!!!!! For Thanksgiving i had.... some eggs..... and then at night i was fasting. So uh.... yeah not the traditional Thanksgiving. But the next night Elder Sarlo and I made burritos!!!!!! It was awesome, and that taco seasoning made it all possible :)

I will check on that book with President. I REALLY want it, but let me pass it by him first. And thanks for telling me about Reece! I miss that guy, teaching with him was a ton of fun and i miss it! Give him my love and ask him how long he will be in Idaho Falls, because i would love to write him a letter. Is he planning on serving a mission soon?

I DIDN'T KNOW COLTON GOT HIS CALL!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I am so flippin happy!!!!!!!! He is such a great guy, and i know he can make a fantastic Elder!! A mission will be the best thing he ever does. Can you tell him to email me? I would really like to talk to him before he gets out. WOO!! I am happy for him!!!!!

Well Mommy, expect exciting news and pictures next week. I am doing something like 8 interviews for baptism this week, going to 2 different areas to do so, and getting news about transfers. Yikes... big week :) I love you so much, and i know you love me Mom. Don't you know that i can never doubt my Momma's love? You could spit in my face and i would still think you love me! :) You are phenomenal always Mom, and i thank my Heavenly Father for you.

With eternal love from Kenya,

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