An African Heart

An African Heart

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Oh how i miss my dear sweet mother!!!!!

Hahaha you are a goofy and wonderful Momma. I love you so much!!!

So i am sitting in the cyber and the internet was down at most of the computers, which means that now, i have extremely little time. Like, ten minutes left hahaha!!! But anyways, i heard Eric Clapton's "You look wonderful tonight" and got a lil homesick of 3 things, in this order:
1. You and Dad dancing in the living room.
2. My sweet, sweet piano.
3. Jamming with my brothers!!!!

Anyways! Am i the worst son in the world? I FORGOT TO TELL YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIDN'T I?!?!?!?!?!?! AHHHHHH!!!! I am so sorry Momma, i was totally thinking about you all week and i even told all the other Elders, and anyways, the point is i didn't forgot, i just kinda forgot to tell you! But i lvoe you, and you are the best Momma ever. :)

Ok good news - THE PACKAGE GOT HERE!!!!!! I was told it is in Nairobi, and i wil get it tomorrow. I guess there was a back-up in the postage. Cuz 2 other Elders in the district are getting theirs tomorrow as well, and theirs were delayed too. But the Christmas one shouldn't take as long, don't worry. Oh man mom... the time will start flying here soon. Do you realize i turn 11 months in 2 days?

Christmas package - I would love some more multi-vitamins so i can take one every day. Also, some garden gloves so i can work hard with less blisters. I can handle a jembe without getting too many blisters now though. I will demonstrate when i get home. You are a genius Mom, good sugestions. Also, are there such things as lemon altoids? If there are, can you include some for Elder Sarlo? That'd be good.

Other than that, i have done a lot of introspection lately, figuring out what kind of man i need and wat to be. Also thinking about what kind of man i must be in order to have a wife and family. Yeah, sounds nuts, but i need to start figuring these things out. I am trying to rely on the Lord and be faithful, seriously applying the Gospel. I need a firmer foundation, more than just testimony, but serious conversion. So keep me in your prayers that i may accomplish this thing :)

Love you infinity and beyond Mom. The Christmas video situation - pending. Hold on and i will let you know what's up next week. May or may not work.

With eternal love from Kenya,
Conrad your boy

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