An African Heart

An African Heart

Friday, November 30, 2012

November 27, 2012

Hey, PA!!!!!!!

Your Thanksgiving was probably better than mine. I had eggs for breakfast, then did missionary work, then went home sweaty and then fasted that night and the next day. So uh.... woot..... BUT! The next evening, Elder Sarlo and i made BURRITOS and it was the best thing i have eaten in Kenya. Because it wasn't Kenyan. It was Mexican!

That chicken killing soudns pretty intense. But not really. You know why? Because in Naitiri, they used to grab the chicken by the neck, swing it around, and snap the neck and at the same time decapitate it. Gulp... yup. That's what the locals told me. And they don't really know how to joke that well, so i am pretty positive they were serious. 

You want some stories? Ok well.... i actually have alot in my journal that i am going to send in some time. But i can give you one or two now. As for pictures, none this week but next week will be many. Or the week after if the internet is bad here.

So my companion and i were sitting in a restaurant after a weekly planning. this guy comes up and sits down and immediately i recognized him. It was a crazy dude we call the "secret of God" guy. It's cuz the first time we met him, he told us that he knows the secret of God, and it isn't in a rock or stick, it's alot bigger. We thanked him, and he kept talking about how he knows the secret of the Godfather! Elder Sarlo said, "You mean Al Pacino?" and he exclaimed "yes!!"  So anyway, he comes and sits next to us in the food place and proceeds to tell us how he is never going to die. He told us that death needs to be arrested so people wil stop dying. We heartily agreed with him hahahahaha. This is the same guy that said that Arabs were created by Satan and that Jesus was married to a woman named Spacegirl. Yeeeeahhhh...... 

Ok a Spiritual story is.... we taught the recent convert named Rhoda recently. We taught her about temples and what happens in there. It took long to get the point across with the language barrier. There are lots of hard words associated with temples. But when we finished she thought for a minute and said, "I want to get to that temple with my whole family." Now, we are teaching her children. Her husband is a member, but pretty passive. She is wanting us to teach and baptize her family so she can get to the temple though. We are immensely blessed to already have that blessing. And to have a temple. Yikes. Never forget that blessings we have.

I am also excited for Christmas!!! I don't know where i will be when we talk, because transfers are this coming Saturday. The news is at least, then the actual transfers are next week. I will let you know next Tuesday where i am going. 

I had a question too, is there such a movie as Bourne Legacy? Some guys here said there is, but i didn't think there was. Let me know ok? 

Other than that, stay beautiful. Yeah.... (Spongebob) Love you so much Dad. Expect a letter to the family from me soon. Very soon. Love you all so much! And you are my hero Dad. Get your hiking boots on. One year is a short time!

With love forever, Conrad

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