An African Heart

An African Heart

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

It's..uh...STILL THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Clever title, eh?

Well this week wasn't quite as great as last week. I had my last zone conference! Crazy to think about that those are over.

Remember that family that I told you about? His name was James and his wife is Julie. We taught them the Restoration on Sunday and AH! Amazing lesson for sure. Everything went perfect, and they were excited when we finished the lesson. So much so they are asking us to come multiple times per week. This Thursday we are committing them to baptism, so I will let you know how that goes. 5 of them :) This Gospel is TRUE, kabisa.

We also have some good potential investigators as well, so we'll see how all that goes. I don't have much time, that's why I am being short. But as for school, I haven't even thought to ponder about it. I don't know, the whole idea of what's gonna happen there kinda makes me tired to think about. I will try and fit time to ponder on it this week if all the other responsibilities are taken care of. But I am pretty sure I will be coming home for a while. It is true that I would be rushing things if I jumped into it so quickly. Why don't we say that that is my decision for now. Come home. Get things sorted and then get down to business. I mean school... man i'm so flippin hungry right now.

Well I started a branch choir and they aren't half bad! None are severely tone deaf, so we have good things ahead!! I wrote an arrangment for "Redeemer of Israel", and it is pretty simple but cool. I will make a copy of it before I let Sister Anderson, who is my pianist for this, takes it. We are planning to sing at the dedication or opening of the new chapel that was built here :) history in the making.

I wrote an email to the mission and thanked them for their friendship and love and everything while I was an assistant, and many of them wrote back some touching things! I love these Elders and Sisters so much. I feel like I have made a difference. In my mission, I know I have done the will of the Lord so far. His Spirit has confirmed that to me, and that is the best blessing I could ask for. I simply need to push harder for these 4 weeks and the Lord will accept my service, I know it.

Ben, HAPPY FLIPPIN BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll write more in a personal email. :)

Love you all to death. Miss you guys, for real. But time is short :)

Love always, Conrad

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