An African Heart

An African Heart

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Third to Last..

(Received November 18)

Yeah, it is not registering with me either. In three weeks from today, I will be on a plane back to Idaho.

I have no time, but this week was really nice. Elder Beacom, my companion from South Africa, is AWESOME. He is my first white companion and we get along really well. He is alot like us boys, weird and dorky. But being around him has shown me that I have grown up a bit..... makes me feel kidna weird haha. But we are rockin and gettig TONS of new investigators. Soon we should have quite a few on baptismal date. Like, over 10. The Lord prospers the work when our faith is high and we work hard. I am seeing that that is true.

I am FLIPPIN excited for MoTab. What will be the game plan for that? Where will we stay? How long will we be down in Utah? How was Ben's brithday? Why have Ben and Dan fallen off the face of the Earth, never to email their Kenyan brother ever again?? ;)

We'll talk more family, shoot me some final emails. By the time I write again, I will have 2 weeks left. 14 days. Nashuhudia kwamba kazi hii ni kazi Yake, hata Yesu Kristo. Tukinaimani, na tukitumikia na bidii, Yesu atatupatia matunda. Anatupenda sana, na tunampenda pia, sindio? :) (I testify that this work is His work, even Jesus Christ. If we have faith, and if we serve with hard work, Jesus will give us fruits. He loves us so much, and we love him too, right?)

Love always, still Elder Schneider

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