An African Heart

An African Heart

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

From Elder Kagame

Dear Father
Yes am doing great. For sure we live five minute walk to that large stradium and am always happy to go there on mondays to play with some guys that plays at the national team of Kenya,as you think for sure there is a lot of people here .Next week we're goming to have a zone conference and am going to meet conrad again so we will take some pictures and i will send some to you hope you will like them.Dad don't worry any player you will find i will appreciate and i am really happy to have you in my life you're such are blessing to me amnd i will always do my best to make you happy. Wow jessica she looks so smart and am sure she is doing grate even at school with that course of pre-veterinary science am sure god know our desires and i know he wil help her to persure that course an she will be blessed wirh a good job. It was good for Benjamin with his team to have that success but in order to be the best always he need to practice always because practice makes perfact.Daniel is gonna be a grate soccer player i can real feel it i know one day we will play together and i will make him the best player i America and everyone will screaming his name am so proud of him and i can't wait for that day .Yes i was named Douglas after a British guy who took care of me the hospital when i was you because i was pre mature being born before the exerct time of seven month pregnacy so he made me survive and after he gave me his name wow nice guessing dad. Yes i graduated from the university in bussiness administration and am planing to start a bussiness may be by God's will proberbly in Uganda because in Rwanda it's tough to start you own business.My sister is staying in Ethiopia and is married to guy from Pakstan though i don't get along with him because he made my sister to sale everything we had and they ran to pakstan and after wards they settled in Ethiopia and i bearly visit them but i hope they are doing grate. 
The snake was at the members house so when they killed it they called us to have a look and when we reached there my companion skined it and he said he was going to make a belt out of that skin but i left before he made a belt.Dad i love you so much take care and send my greetings to my beloved mum and Jessica plus my young brothers.

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