An African Heart

An African Heart

Friday, July 27, 2012

Hey Daddio,

I am really glad that everything got to you safely! The Lord is merciful, and He loves our family. Seriously, God is so merciful and loving to our family. We need to be strict in keeping the statutes and judgments of the Lord because of all that He has done for us. And, of course, because we love Him :)

Thanks for the pictures Dad! I love them. It's great to see everybody and how you are all looking nowadays. Guess what Dad? I do 200 pushups every morning now, plus other upper body workouts. I HAVE to stay strong! And how is your workout stuff going? Because time is rapidly closing pops. And i wanna climb that mountain reeeeeeally badly.

I am glad to hear that people are caring for me back home! And you gotta send my hellos to them too. That Batman thing is crazy though. What a horrible thing man... not just crazy, Satan is everywhere. But he can't win, and he won't win. Jesus Christ made sure of that with the Atonement. The Saints are always going to be victorious! Not the football team but the actual meaning of Saints... except the football team is also very good huh?

And that Kenyan movie sounds really cool! [Editors Note:  Leah and I watched a film called "The First Grader" about an old Kenyan man who went to first grade to learn how to read.  Great show!  I highly recommend it} I would love to see it when i get home! I could probably point a few places out here and there! How recently was the movie made?

As for the work here, transfers are this week. I am fairly sure my companion and i are going to be staying though. We will see i guess, anything can happen if The Lord wants it to. ALEX WAS BAPTIZED AND CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!!! It was awesome. I have not been more happy for a convert than Alex. He is going to be a great help to the Lord's work.

Anyways, besides that, nothing new Daddio! I put 40 new pics on Walmart. And again i am so glad you got the journal and everything. If you have questions about any of it just email me ok? Love you Dad :) Christmas is just around the corner, huh? Be happy, and know that i am working hard to make you proud. Love you forever Dad.

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