An African Heart

An African Heart

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wow sorry, i just thought that since i am almost 20 i can just call you Dale... just kidding!
I am going to try the Walmart thingy in just a minute, and if it doesn't work,  will scream and punch everybody in here in the face. HARD. That's about 6 people.

Flippin cool man, Ben won! Ugh i wish i could have been there. Did Ben have any awesome plays? And was the game flippin intense? He looks kinda big and scary... good thing i am going to work out until i am massive!

As for the flat, we live right in Kalongo, RIGHT next to the primary school. We go to Kikoko like, once or twice a week, but yeah our flat is right there in the Kalongo market. Actually on a hill next to the market. Send a quadrant map and i will pinpoint it for you. 

I am going to try and upload those pictures now. Don't tell the fam, but i am sending my journal that has the first 6 months, with a short letter and my 4gb memory card in a protective envelope and it should be there in a few weeks. WOO! Pray that it is safe. I love you so much Daddio! Christmas 2013 is going to be the best dang Christmas of our lives, i know it. 

Love, Conrad

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