An African Heart

An African Heart

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dale Schneider
Apr 30 (6 days ago)

to Habibu 
Hello Elder Arineitwe!!
How are you?  I loved to hear a little about you!  You are a hero in my eyes!!  You have great courage and remind me of Captain Moroni.  You and Conrad must make a very powerful companionship.  If the two of you stay 100 percent obedient, the Lord will continue to be on your right hand and on your left, and he will go before you and be behind you to protect you.

Your email you sent made me cry.  I am truly proud of you and Conrad, my sons!  I want you to know I want to meet you someday and give you a big hug!!  You are welcome to come to my house wherever I am, forever. 

It snowed here a few days ago.  We thought we were getting into summer, but it snowed.  It has all melted now, and all the trees are blossoming.  It's beautiful here.  But now, my allergies are getting bad.  I sneeze a lot!  

I hope Conrad sends us some pictures soon.  

Well my friend, I should go.  I need to write Conrad too.  Take care of each other.  We love you!

Habibu Arineitwe Mbabazi
May 1 (6 days ago)

to me 
Dad, good evening? we are always, so happy to know that you care, thank you for the email. My heart burns with joy to know that we are a family. My father in Uganda is a good moslem man but for some reason l grew up more crose to mother. He seemed to not care, especailly when he married the second wife.  Well, he now thinks it was a good dicision for me to become a christian because it makes me completly obey him. Am happy to know that there is some one there that is willing to call me son and help me feel loved. thank you Dad. the work is progressing. In one of the last Sundays I noticed that my brother was wearing a nice shirt, I looked on the budge on the left and asked him, 'where did you get that shirt'.?. It is the shirt father used for his mission in California. That is an achievement, I replied to him as I took a minute to think. ' we are in the line of men who have done thier very best to serve.'  Your serving a mission is seting an example to all of us. we disire, to serve with all full selves in the Lord like you did. We recenly taught a man called Mr Gideon, One day we walked on the street and across was mr Gideon, his steps wre not regular, 'He walks as if some thing is wrong, let us go and find out' Elder Schneider prosed as we crosed to the other side of the road. 'Good evening' we greeted.  we later found uot that he had  an accident, his wife has reft him home laeving bihind 3 children for him to look after. it was as if we were  the people he was looking for, and when we asked him where he was going he explained that he was just walking. We taught him about God's plan of happiness. After the lesson we so a smile on his face, we are praying for him, we hope that he will know that Jesus Christ can hael all his wuonds like we tald him. It was a miracle to meet him, we rae looking forward to help him receive all the teachings aof the Savior. He is on the baptismal date for may 27. Do you have any impressions you feel we should include in the message of our next vist?. We love you Dad and we are praying for you to stay healthy and srong, It is nice to know that it snowed, one day I hope to see it snow, He has told me it is woderfull. Hear, it is a rainy season. we love it. thank you. have a blessed time.

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