An African Heart

An African Heart

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

From Elder Arineitwe to Leah May 22, 2012

Dear Mother.
It was so fun talking to you too. we had a wonderful Sunday evening on the phone. It was as If we have lived in the same house for all my life. Our conversation was for sure a mother to son conversation. You sound like some one I know well mother. On Sunday you asked me of the fun moments we have had so fur. I did not know what to say. Because every moment has been a fun moment. One day the was no water in the flat for a number of days, we almost complained, then a thought came, "consider the early missionaries, the pioneers of missionary work, even the pioneers of the church, they were willing to exchange their lives for the phrase, 'the church is true." We also remembered that almost very thing has been done for us to be on a mission. We have come on mission in the era of 'Preach my Gospel'. That alone caused us to count our blessings. naming them one by one. And at the end our faces were filled with smiles and anew song. We are so happy that you are sending to us a package. thank you for your love. MOM, Tell BEN, that am so great full for the baseball.Miracles are happening. We are receiving constant impressions from the Holy Ghost after prayer and we are committed to act on them. Heavenly Father sends them as good thoughts specifically for what we prayed for. We know that such thoughts that come to us after prayer are not just thoughts but are  personal revelation concerning what we should do. We have followed all those we received in the past. And as a result, we have the trust of the branch president, the there is a link between us and the branch, 4 instigators came to church this Sunday and we feel happy about mission. We are doing our very best.

I love you Mom. thank you for the prayers. we pray for you , Dad, Ben Jessie and Dan . Tell them I greeted them. Have a great week.  talk to you next week. l will send letters on Tuesday. they may delay because l will send them by the church's free system. It is expensive for me to send letters using the money am given. All is well we are smiling and laughing.    

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