An African Heart

An African Heart

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 29, 2012

I will tell you 2 stories though that are miracles for real.
 We went to an area just outside of Naitiri market on Sunday to go visit a family called the Kulobas that we scheduled to visit. They are very strong in a church called Repentance and Holiness. Well, the 2 daughters, who are both in their 20's, were going to their own homes. We asked why, and they said it was just too late. We said ok, and we went to give them the Book of Mormon's we had arranged to give them because they had agreed the previous week to accept them and read them. Well, one especially I have felt strongly (Spiritually) towards is named Elizabeth, probably 27 or so. Well, she refused to take it. I was devastated! I asked why, and she never gave a good reason, and I told her to her face that she was not giving a good reason, and that she was being unreasonable. I was really upset. Tom, the branch missionary with us, powerfully explained that the B.O.M. has direct connection with the Bible. He explained how Lehi is a descendant of Menassah and I was astounded. I was praying in my heart the whole time so hard. She almost took it instinctively, but when she saw I was watching she pulled her hand back! GRR!! Well, her and her sister ended up leaving after they set an appointment to meet and talk again. About one hour later in the dark, she comes running up behind us and says, "When I refused to take it, Elder Schneider looked sad so I will take it..." HA! Ya right sister. I could sense that she was curious. She has a desire to read it, I can feel it. And I think she will. She literally tracked us down just to get a copy. The Spirit of the Lord worked a miracle in her heart, and we can expect more :)
On Saturday night we went to our neighbor's home to read the Book with him. He is 17 years old and his name is Kennedy. Well, he told us a story that morning about how he broke his cousin's phone, and needed money to get a new one, and offered to do some work for us. We said we'd think about it. That night, he told us that he needed 3500 ksh to get the phone by Tuesday or his cousin would bring Kennedy's father and grandfather into it. Kennedy fears them both because apparently they react alot. And in Kenya, beating your children is kinda natural. (Which, if I see it, I stop it.) Well, we couldn't help that much. But we gave him a "What every boy needs to know about becoming a man" talk. We told him to face his father and grandfather, to admit he did it, and to face the consequences. We told him all about how God will support the man who is honest, and trusts in Him. Well, by the end, he agreed to. We asked him to pray, and wow. That is the most sincere and pleading prayer I have heard from a Kenyan, not to mention a human being. Well, we went home and prayed the same. Sunday night, after fasting that investigators will recognize answers to their prayers, he bursts in our flat and goes "God Answered my prayer! I just told my father the truth and my grandfather and they were completely calm!! We went to our cousin's and talked it out and made a plan and I feel free!! I did it, I feel like a man! I'm free!! God helped me to do it!" His father even gave him 1500 ksh to start buying a new phone for the cousin. Well, we hugged him, congratulated him, and sent him home straightaway to thank God for the miracle.

Now... miracles happen in the mission field and at home. Those are just two :) Is God not blessing our area? He is. He has heard our prayers and fasts and the work is progressing :)
Love you forever Momma :)
Love, Conrad

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