An African Heart

An African Heart

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May 8, 2012

STORYTIME!!!!! So for the past..... since I have been on a mission, I have been praying for our area to get better. And for a long time, it has hurt. But Elder Arineitwe and I have tried new things, worked HARDER, and prayed and fasted. Now, it is not us at all. The Lord requires us to work hard if we want a happy area with people to teach and success and progression. Well, we did fast and pray mightily and beg the Lord to help us and guide us to those whom He has prepared. Guess what? He led us to the District Officer (D.O.). Which is the equivalent to like, a step above mayor. He is over a very wide range of areas, and has a TON of influence. Well, guess who our only investigator at church was? Mr. Peter Majiwah, D.O. HE IS PROGRESSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND, he has begun to connect us with local leaders, saying that it is important that they know what we are teaching. OH YEAH MAN!!!!! Now that they are softened enough to listen, we just need to teach with power and clarity and the Holy Ghost will work His stuff :) this is landmark for our area. Also, the Branch President has noticed our efforts. He was very pleased with the branch mission plan I made and he, of his own accord, pulled me aside on Sunday and asked if we would accompany him every Friday to visit a few families in the Branch. YES!!!!!! the Branch is becoming solid, they are rising to their sense of commitment. The area is increasing. We got EIGHT new investigators this week :) I can't describe the miracles being worked before our very eyes, but they are happening. I will tell you more when we talk. But know this, the Lord hears prayers. I prayed that I could "make a difference and help my brothers and sisters in Naitiri to know how happy they can be." And now it is coming to pass. *happy sigh* The Lord is there. The work is progressing, especially in Naitiri :) When I leave, the work will be in full motion. I don't say this to build up me, because I don't feel like I did anything really significant anyway. Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the king of Creation!!!!! :D 

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