An African Heart

An African Heart

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Elder Arineitwe's letter to Leah

Dear, Mother,  Am Elder Arineitwe. Elder Schneider is my trainer. To me, my mother is always my best friend. I come from a Moslem family and my mother has always been there for my brothers and I even when Dad seemed not to care, Because of her, I have great respect for all women in the world and I know their patience is great. Well mission is one of the  moments I thank God for especially having Elder Schneider as my companion.I can see the light of Christ in His eyes, that communicates to me the type of mother that you are. thank you for teaching him what he is teaching me. Love you Mum.

Dear Elder Arineitwe,

It was so wonderful to get your e-mail last week.  It was so sweet and it made me very happy.  You sound like a very kind and humble young man.  I am so glad Conrad gets to have you for his companion.  He tells me that you two are like brothers.   Together, you two will do many good things for the people there.  I am so amazed at your strength to accept the gospel even without support from your family.  I am sure it must have been very difficult for you.  I am sure they love you dearly and only want the best for you.  In time, they will be able to see how much happiness the gospel brings to you.  Stay strong and remember to stay close to your Father in Heaven.  You are His son and He loves you.  He will bless you and support you throughout your life.  I hope you find much happiness this week as you serve the people in Naitiri.  Conrad tells me what good people they are.  I am glad you get share this time with them.  

Please know that you are doing what our Father in Heaven would want you to do at this time in your life.  It is an important work that you and all the elders of the world are doing.  We will pray for you each day.  Be safe and be obedient and you will be happy.  We are gathering some things to send to you and Conrad.  Is there anything special you would like?  Let me know and I will try to send it.

Have a good week, love Mom.

Dear Mum, it is good to receive your reply. thank you helping us to
feel loved and cared about. I come from a very humble background and my mother in Uganda does not hear from me every week because she has no email adress. I try by best to reach her. Well am so happy that we can talk thuogh email. I feel the mother's love.  thank you for observing that I seem a humble, kind young man. That is what am woking on actually. We, Elder Schnieder and I are working hard to serve the people aruond us, it is true, the people round are really lovely and welcoming. Concernig my conversion story it was not easy, But like the pioneers, as soon as I emblased the truth, I could not let go, I was willing to die to say that the church and the book of Mormon is true, the time that I knew for my self it was true was the time I needed it most. Moslems in my area threatened me, my parents were worried of losing me. One day I told my father, ' norhting in mylife has ever felt soreal like this'. Ok, he replied as he said. ' I have never seen you so serious like this, to a point of saying you can die for this?' . Mum, I will write to you a full account of my coversion story that you shall read with Dad. A few days ago we were traviling across Naitiri market and we met a boy called Godfrey, After explaining all that we do, we asked. 'Can you show us where you stay?' sure he replied as we walked and talked to him on the road, We later found uot that he stays with his uncle, Micheal, ' this Gosple can bless families, I have seen that blessing inmy own family.' Elder Shcneider said as we taught, Godfrey, Micheal,his wife, and thier son Robbin. We
both felt the spirit, we thanked God for the blessing of that
wonderfull family. I noticed that my trainer has a unique respose to
the promtings of the Holy Ghost. Especailly how we were led the the Michael family by Asking Godfrey wre he stays. we are teaching them the plan of salvation on our next visit. My trainer is also teaching me how to gain socail skills including hoe to be so polite to the people we serve. this has been the best part of my training because I know that It will make a great change in us, We are doing our very best to obey, all Heavenly fafather commands. He helps me to remember all that we program for the day and that is so nice. We get a lot of good expliences, we use his camera to take picture since I do not have one yet. Am so happy that he can let me use his camera. thank you Mum love you.  

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