An African Heart

An African Heart

Sunday, May 6, 2012

SD Card Came...damaged and unreadable

So the SD card I thought was lost, finally showed up about 8 weeks after Conrad mailed it.  We were so excited.  8 GB of pictures and video of Conrad!!  No.  nothing.  Something is wrong with the card.  I thought it was because it is an SDHC card and my computer is not equipped with an SDHC reader.  So I bought an SDHC card reader.  Still doesn't work.  It appears the card is ruined.  We are so sad to have lost all those photos and videos of the first 4 months of Conrad's mission.  We hope we can find a way to get pictures from him, but I would rather he just keeps them and we'll look at them when he comes home, rather than lose anymore.  Bummer.  Just want to see a picture of him so bad.  

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