An African Heart

An African Heart

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Merry Christmas Daniel!!!!!

Haha, the title was a play on the "Frosty the Snowman" famous line... get it? ......No? Well FINE!!!!!

So as Daniel surely knows by now, hoping that he has read my personal email to him, i wrote him a poem impromptu for his birthday. I would love to include it now:

I am here in Africa, you're in a different part,
But i feel close to you, my bro, as this poem starts.
Back at home, you were young, i was quite young too,
But now you grew at least 3 feet, don't argue cuz it's true.
As for me, well, to speak truth, I'm not the tallest guy,
And as for growing taller, time for that has flown on by.
You are growing stronger, getting muscles of a man,
Flexing much and working out, and probably getting tan!
I am also getting bigger, losing all my fat,
"No carbs at night", says my dear comp, "and protein's where it's at."
I don't know why i threw that in, about proteins and all,
remember this is impromptu, (just trying not to fall)
Back to the point, of growing still, you're growing ever cool,
Perhaps the way i'm proudest, is your growth that's spiritual.
You read the scriptures, say your prayers, you go to Church each week,
Relationship with Father above, is what we need to seek.
You're kind and good, you know your standards. never let them down,
And when it is a choice, dear Danny, always smile, don't frown.
You have a gift, and not just one, you brought from pre-mortal life,
Developed there, you knew that they would help thru trial and strife.
Now go and do, as Nephi did, what Father and Brother expect,
Help the one, show love and care, and ne'er the one neglect!
Stop to say hi, give smiles and waves, and serve your fellow men,
For in the end, the way God works, it comes back to you again!
You are amazing, you have style, you are brave and sweet,
Can't wait to see your further growth, when in 7 months we meet.
I am here in Africa, you're in a different part,
But best friend Daniel, my dear brother, you are always in my heart.

I want everyone reading this email to know that Daniel is a wonderful son of God and has the most sincere and impressive testimony i've heard from a 10 year old (soon to be 11 year old). He ROCKS! And i ask everybody reading this to give him birthday kisses and birthday pinches and spankings and floggings and waterboardings and whippings and beatings and whoa..... wait sorry, not all that. Just kisses and pinches. Love you Daniel, Happy Birthday buddy :) I'll be around for the next one, don't worry :)

This Sunday we finally got to watch Conference. Awesome possums. Loved Conference and the direction given in it. There's still alot to analyze, but did anybody else feel like Elder Packer's talk might be his last? He seemed... kinda final-speechy, a bit. His talk was beautiful though, really enjoyed it. During the Sunday sessions, there were lots of monkeys outside. That's what i get for being in Kenya i guess. There were some climbing on the bars on the windows outside of the Church. They are small ones though, like a bit bigger than lemurs, some smaller than lemurs. Hahaha, i think i told Mom, but i saw one adolescent monkey bothering his mother, and the mother up and slapped that child so hard in the face!! The kid ran into a tree and was just looking at the mother until she walked off, and he followed her hahahaha!!!!!! Little baby monkeys were clinging to the belly of the mother as they climbed all around. The babies are so cute. They hang on for dear life until they are old enough to climb themselves. And the mothers are protective of their babies unto death. Africa... :)

Also, so we don't forget, PLEASE get me Bishop Lander's email PLEASE!!!!! Or even just tell him to email me if ya can. I need to talk to that guy. By the way, is he still bald? He should grow a bufont... a bulbous bufont...

This week was great. We had a zone fast for the purpose of gaining more investigators who are prepared to receive and act on the message of the Restoration. Well, as for me and my companion, we have received at least 2 or 3 people who are greatly prepared and full of questions and ready to learn. One, Sylvia, came with all sorts of questions about the Book of Mormon, wondering why she was so concerned with this Book. We taught her as best as we could by the Spirit. She is reading the Book now and wanting to meet again. Another, Kennedy, comes from Uganda. He came to Conference and was amazed at it all. He is eager to meet again and explore the feelings he felt :) I am confident they will be baptized. Melen and Catherine, the two women baptized last week, were confirmed this week. Ordinances complete! But no ordinance is complete without paperwork. Remember how Jesus gave Peter power to bind and seal on Earth and in Heaven? Well, when we do an ordinance by the Holy Priesthood, it is sealed and recorded in Heaven. But in order for that to happen on Earth, paperwork must be recorded. The angels and workers of the millennium will refer to that to double-check who needs what!

So basically life is good over here. I lost a bit of weight when i had that diarrhea so i am gaining it back but staying lean and working out with Elder Gideon. We're going running tomorrow morning, and at night i'm eating eggs, eggs, and more eggs. PROTEIN BABY!!!!!

Oh, and by the way, I GOT MY PACKAGE!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! GREAT PACKAGE GUYS!!!!!!!!! Thank you times infinity and beyond!!!!!!!!! GREAT stuff in there. The jump rope - holy cow! That'll last me til judgment day!!!! And those drink mix things - BRILLIANT IDEA!!! Please include in EVERY package many!!!! Wow.... i just paused in my excitement and looked back at that last sentence... that was wretched english, wasn't it? Anyway, that Holland book?!?! Grandma spent $50 on that book?!?!?! Holy mackerel Granny Phanny Franny Fanny!!!!! That thing is beautiful, and will keep me busy for some time, i think. Really, thanks so much guys :)

Bottom line of this email is this: Happy Birthday Daniel, i love you with all my heart and know that you will stick with Benny and Jessie as your great examples, with your Brother, Friend, and Savior Jesus Christ as your ultimate example. To everyone, I just can add that Jesus Christ is indeed our dear friend. He always longs to be closer, we only need to open up a little. He wants us to know His Atonement, but knows how important and deep it is, and therefore will not reveal it all at once. It will come in the Father's good time, and in His way. I have prayed since my mission started that i would know the Atonement better. Since the start of my mission, i have learned that i cannot comprehend what He felt. But i still wanted to know what it means to me. Well, after Conference ended, i reflected on how much they mentioned the Atonement, and i realized something. That the Atonement of Jesus Christ saves us, and shows that He loves us. It means that He was humble, submissive, peaceful, patient, and perfect in all ways. It means that I can be forgiven and be better. It means that daily life is hopeful and my future is bright and i need not worry about anything, so long as i love Him and keep His commandments. One can say these words (i have before!), but now i feel them. I testify of these things, and that they are true, in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior, Amen!

With love forever, Elder Schneider

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