An African Heart

An African Heart

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Middle of April

What the snot? The middle of April?

Uh... so my companion and I were fritzing out a little bit. No, not Fritz Schmutz, fritzing as in freaking out cuz it's already April and i have 8 months left and he has 11. But how is Fritz Schmutz, anyway? Love that guy. somebody let him know that the Keens he bought me held up fantastic while i was in the bush for a whole year, and now that i am in the city, the Ecco's are doing amazing. They still look tip top shape after 5 months. I gave the Keens to a man in the Kilungu Hills who needed some decent shoes. They are still serving well :)

Ok i'm confused... Does anybody disagree with me naming the chick "Nacho Cheese"? Cuz uh... nobody even said anything. I mean, i call him Cheese and i hear that nobody liked it, then i name him Nacho Cheese  and i can just picture everybody hearing that and going, "Oh thank Heavens. Cheese was a horrible name but Nacho Cheese is so cute and fitting. Whew, good thing Connor's got his head on straight!" So uh... feedback on that? And on the nickname of Sunny? Ya'll can call him Sunny but remember the one stipulation (his on-record name).

This week was pretty fun. Our toilet had a leak and so we were exacting some measures to stop the leakage from spreading. Our caretaker couldn't fix it for like 4 days. It was a struggle. But now that it was fixed (on Saturday) we cleaned it up today. All is well in the bathroom, yea, the bathroom prospereth. We actually cleaned the house today and it's shiny. And i did all my wash today. My fingers are rubbed raw haha. I look like a 7 year old with bandaids on like 3 of my fingers. They usually don't rub raw anymore, but i did alot of wash so maybe that's why. Also this week i went on exchanges with an Elder Thomas from America. He is only about 2 months old on mission, so i got to have lots of chats with him. He is doing ok, had to adjust, but he has a great trainer and is surrounded by very good people (something i didn't exactly have) and is really doing better. You can bet i had flashbacks during that exchange of my first transfers. Flippin strange how time flies and suddenly you may be going to your last area at the end of this transfer! Oh yeah, did i tell you that this guy named Paul Peterson, who lives in St. George, came back to Kenya for a few days and brought me delicious American candy?!?!?! Reeses, Snickers, etc. MMMMM!!!!!! He had been attending Langata branch while working for the past few years, and only recently went home when Elder Gideon got here. He came back for a few days and because he's awesome, brought us candies :)

This coming week, it looks pretty normal. We finally get to watch General Conference this weekend!!! I hear it was awesome. I know you guys had fun in your pajamas at home. Grr..... enjoy that and thank the Lord for it. You probably ate fancy foods like Doritos and Bean Dip and Goldfish. And popcorn. Well hopefully a little healthier than that. Did you eat cheese? Golly i miss cheese... OH MY GOODNESS! WHEN I COME HOME I'M GONNA EAT SO MUCH HOME FOODS THAT I'M GONNA GET SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok. I'm losing my head a little bit. But you'll know why when i get home and explain in great detail about some of the things here...

Want a story? Cuz i would love to tell you all one:
Near the end of March, we were running low on money cuz we spent alot stocking up goodies and junk food for the lock-in during election time in early March. So we were riding in a matatu and i was on the second row of seats. My companion was behind me because he was sitting with another missionary we were housing temporarily due to a little situation. There was a space next to me and a woman gets in at one of the stops. She gets in, eyeballs me weird, and i can see she's looking at my name tag so naturally i start to talk to her. I explain my tag and my name and what we do, and she flat out says where she stays and that we need to come visit her. So we gave her something to read, and that week in March when we were a little bit strapped for cash we stop in her restaurant (they call them hotels here, they are like little dinky restaurants). Well we were flippin hungry, and we go in. Immediately she brings us a fresh made cup of thick juice. Free! Then she starts feeding us some stuff! In some later visits, she and her husband (Moureen and Wycliffe) have the Book of Mormon, and her husband has actually met missionaries before. But now, he admits, he is more mature and has serious questions and interests in what we're doing. Crazy how the Lord provides for us. Another woman later in the week literally bought us a chicken, simply because she loved us and how we talked to her and treated her. Don't worry, she's like, in her 40's or 50's. Her name is Jane, and we are also visiting her! The Lord fed us and took care of us :) :)

Time for me to go. Preparation day is almost over and we gots work to do! (Major Payne): Preaching is mah business ladies, and bus - ness - is - guuuuud!

Love you all forever and ever and ever :)

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