An African Heart

An African Heart

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Nacho Cheese

[Just an explanatory note:  We purchased 6 chicks and each of us got to name our chick.  Conrad decided to name his "cheese".  I think some said they didn't like the name, so this is his response to that, and then the rest of his email.  -Conrad's Dad.]

Well what's the problem, are ya all lactose intolerant?!?! HUH?!?!?! Considering you all (according to what Mom told me) dislike the kingly name i gave to mah chick, i decided to change it to something more fitting - "NACHO CHEESE"!!!!!!! Ya know WHY?!?!? CUZ, he's NOT-YO CHEESE, he's MMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY CHEESE!!!!!!!! So you may now refer to him as Nacho Cheese!!!!!!!!!

........ But i am merciful. His/her NICKNAME can be Sunny. BUT, on one condition. ANYTIME you introduce him/her to anybody, you must mention that Sunny's REAL name is Nacho Cheese. Deal? Deal.

I have so much time today... and i didn't get an email from Jessie, Danny, or Benny, so i don't have much to talk about. How about school? I really don't know what to do. I haven't given it as much thought as it deserves, that's for sure. But even so, I just don't know. I am going to give it careful and prayerful deliberation this week. Hopefully it is in the Lord's plan to let me know His will concerning the matter by this week. He may not care when i do it, but He might. So we'll see. If you could all keep it in your prayers and stuff, i would also appreciate it. This really is a big decision to make for me, so help me a wee bit lads and laddies!

Last week, we had some really great discussions! We met a man who had come in contact with missionaries like, 5 years ago, and that never went anywhere. But NOW, things are going well. He is interested, we were able to go in and answer ALL his questions, plus more. He and his wife are interested and reading the BOM. We are praying that it move forward.

We also had one of the coolest sacrament meetings i have had in a long while. For some reason, the Spirit there was very strong. I learned much from the testimonies borne and i was edified and uplifted by them. Spencer W. Kimball talked about sacrament meetings once, and spoke of how the main purpose for sacrament meeting is personal worship of the Lord Jesus Christ. That means that even if the speakers are bad or strange or something, we can still have a spiritually active and uplifting sacrament meeting! I have been keeping that in mind, and it helps alot. Especially where the Church is young and growing.

Also this week, we helped and uplifted a lot of people. I have been LOVING the work now. To be honest, earlier in the mission it was so darn tough, whether because of disobedient or bad companions, physical exertions, or simply because i was too stressed out! Now, though, I feel good. I have a constant desire to get out and preach and teach and uplift and share with people. It is never too late to improve and become better. This Gospel has saved our lives. Sometimes we lose sight of that! But not only did the Gospel and Church and Lord give us our luxuries, but He simply gave us all. Everything is a blessing, because i have seen and been with people who have LITERALLY nothing. No luxuries, no home, no health, no wealth, no stability, nothing. It is horribly sad, but that's why our work as missionaries is easily and duly motivated - because people need it! Somebody's gotta invite people, and I'm happy to do it, even with all my weaknesses and stuff.

This coming week we have baptisms on Sunday!!!! :D 2 very prepared and awesome ladies named Melen and Catherine. 14th is their day! We have more following them soon. This week we are also going to go on exchanges with some Elders in Rongai, which is in our zone. And we are going to do a joint street contacting session on Saturday for the Rongai branch open house that is going down. Should be pretty awesome. We just get to be social and talky as missionaries on the street for like 2 or 3 hours. The sun is pretty hot (haha, in case you didn't know) so that is a lil hindrance. But we stay pretty hydrated. I drink liters every day. And i urinate once! Except at home i urinate more cuz it's decently cool.

One week from today is my 16 month mark! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Do you realize i have only 8 months left?! this time last year i was training Elder Arineitwe. Man, don't know what he's doing now. I have no way to contact him except to write a letter and get it to his branch in Uganda. We'll see about that. But also, i'll be calling home in like, a month! FOR DUH LAST TIME!!!!!!! Wow. School is really stressing me out, the thought of it all and stuff. Gosh! (Napolean Dynamite)

I hope you can see how BORED I am. Sorry i forgot to send pics, i will next week (hopefully if i remember). I wish something super cool had happened to tell you about, but i have learned to be careful wishing for those things, cuz those end up being stressful or scary in the moment, then cool later. But one cool thing is that when an appointment gets cancelled, something miraculously gets opened up or provided for us. We work on the Lord's time in such a way that we do what He needs done, and He helps it happen. Even if like, we go over time in a great lesson and are late for the next, we'll find out that for some reason the person we were going to see would also be late or not there, so it works out perfect. No coincidences out here.

Well i love every last one of ya! You are my best friends and i miss you guys. Really i do. Just your associations and friendships and senses of humor and your lifestyles and everything! Blah... We're going to family home evening at Sister Jepkemei's home tonight. That will be fun :) I love and miss you all and i love the work in which i am engaged. This Church is true and all things in it are the truth. Never doubt the Lord or the surety of deliverance and help that comes from Him through prayer. Pray often and sincerely and speak to your Father. Count your blessings, get to the temple. Make your brother stop telling you what to do ;)

I guess to close this email, i can include some words of wisdom that have really helped me alot:

"Ok class, i'm on a hangover. Who knows what that means?"
"It means you're drunk!"
"Wrong! It means i was drunk YESTERDAY." -Jack Black, School of Rock

"GET THAT CORN OUTTA MAH FACE!" -Jack Black, Nacho Libre

"(walking in a dark tunnel) Ah man, we're gonna die in here!"
"Hey now, come on! That's what they said at the Alamo!" -Twitchy and the Wolf, Hoodwinked

Now i hope you guys get this one. If not, cuz you may not, go watch it:

"I never get anything shiny..."
"Yeah... but you know what else is shiny?"
"RIGHT!!!!!" -Our Family Icon

Love you all to infinity and beyond. The counsel from Woody to Buzz, "YOU ARE A TOY!", does not apply to you all. You are human beings and i love you! Have a fantastic week, and please smile and look for opportunities to help people every day. The Lord places them there. The most powerful sermons are preached through our actions! You are powerful people and i respect and love each one of you.

Love you forever, Conrad

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