An African Heart

An African Heart

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Busy Week

We are FINISHED with the transfers!!! We coordinated the transferring of like, 40 or 50 missionaries, plus the 7 newbies. Boy howdy... i can drive stick now. I still stall sometimes, but not often. Stick shift is nutso man. But the Lord seriously helped me with driving, and with the smoothness of the transfers. AWESOME. Tomorrow we're flying to Tanzania. Specifically, a place called Mwanza. Should be pretty great. Then next week is Eldoret zone conference. Week after, Mombasa. Weekend of Mombasa we are staying for a branch conference, then we have Nairobi zone conference, then the 8th of June we're going to Chyulu district conference, then the 12th or 13th of June we fly to Dar Es Salaam for another zone conference. The week of the 16th to the 22nd, we have nothing, but the week following is when we send off President Broadbent and welcome President Hickin. Wooooooo doggie................

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