An African Heart

An African Heart

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Holy cows. We jus got back from Eldoret like, an hour and a half ago. President have me drive halfway and man, it was pretty fun and stuff. But i am so tired that i'm gonna.... yawn.......

So summer sounds amazing! I'm missing that a little bit. And i'm glad my chicken is doing well. Nacho Cheese sure is a trooper!

So we went to Eldoret, in Western Kenya close to Naitiri where my first area was. The zone conference went really well, and we gave a training about some new key indicators that President Broadbent wants to introduce in this mission. It went really awesome. President Broadbent gave a training on putting on the whole armor of God. It was pretty great too. It was a really sad conference and the feeling there was kinda weird cuz it will be President's last in Eldoret. But overall, it went well.

On the way back, President wanted me to drive half the way. So we stopped at the Great Rift Valley and that was great. The pictures don't exactly capture it, but it's pretty amazing. To describe it in the biggest understatement ever, it was very big. I'll upload pics another day.

We are leaving for Mombasa on Wednesday, and i will drive half way there. But on the drive back, it's all me cuz the Broadbents are flying back. So uh... pray for me... alot... OH! But i'm gonna pick up some really cool souveniers there in Mombasa for ya'll. There's a great place to get handmade stuff super cheap. CONNECTIONS BABY!!!!!!!! So presents are coming. But they're coming with me in December :)

Well, i love you all. thank you for your individual emails. I love hearing from each of you. You are each my best friend and i love you each so much. "Each" is a very strange word... I feel like i'm trying to say "peach" but failing. So let me fix those sentences: I love hearing from peach of you. You are peach my best friend and i love peach of you so much. That's better :)

Love forever into eternity and beyond,
Conrad :)

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