An African Heart

An African Heart

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Flight to Tanzania, Mwanza Branch

Oh. Oh yeah. Oh yeah homies.

So we barely survived transfers. Actually, they went incredibly smooth, and that is a blessing from the Lord to us. And then on Friday morning we flew (in an airplane) down to Mwanza. It was super duper awesome, and pretty hot.

I got to teach my first lesson in completely Swahili. It was a flippin nightmare. Just kidding, i could communicate well enough to get my point across. Elder Madubanya was teaching with me and he knows Swahili really well. It was really cool, and when i testified in Swahili it felt the exact same as testifying in English! So it was pretty awesome.

We also had a Mwanza branch conference. The very first Elders quorum president was ordained in that meeting! It is history in the making! That little branch was started about one year ago, almost exactly, and as with all branches of the Church, is growing at a nice steady pace. Not fast, but definitely growing.

We flew this time right around Mt. Kilimanjaro, kinda at a distance, so it wasn't too visible, but i got some beautiful pictures of it and also another mountain in Arusha. Also, we flew over the Serengeti, the Maasai Mara, and Lake Victoria! I got beautiful pictures of Lake Victoria. MAN!!!! Cool stuff.

So as for me, i love you all times infinity! Elder Mulondo, my companion, is amazing. We get along even better than me and Elder Gideon. We have very much in common and have been having the same impressions like mad. So we are really getting the mission prepared for some new stuff and especially for the new mission president.

Any questions for me? What was in Tanzania? Things i saw? Why i haven't uploaded those pictures? Cuz i forgot my cable at home. Next time i'm in the office i will though :)

Hey! Stick shift is becoming steadily easier. I can shift second nature now and just drive almost like normal. What a blessing from the Lord :)
Well, love you all. Talk to you very soon!!!!

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