An African Heart

An African Heart

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I'M A-CALLIN HOME!!!!!!!!!....... For the last time!!! (Zurg)

HOLY macaroni.......

Why would i make reference to consecrated italian food items? Well, because this Sunday will be the last time you talk to me... over the phone. The next time, in seven months, will be face to face. Golly...

So we're back down in Kibera now! And what a blessing! We have been to some members' homes, and that's about it. Don't worry, Kibera is just as stinky and muddy as it was before elections. Actually, there are a few new shacks i noticed... wooden, not tin! I would take a picture but.. they might take my camera and eat my companion. HA! Not. But they would take my camera. And punch me.

So this weekend, i will be calling Mom's phone on Saturday. It will be around noon or so in America (which country i love with all my heart). So Mom, be ready. If i can't get through, or i get no answer, imma call Daddio. And if i receive no answer there, imma call Ben!! and if none there, Danny!!! And lastly, jessie, cuz she's really busy with school. She's such a hard worker!!! So yeah, be ready!

Man guys... sorry about Chi Chi. [Chi Chi was Daniel's favorite chicken]  Daniel informed me of the tragedy. But don't worry too much. Chi Chi died before the age of accountability, and therefore has received a place with her Heavenly Father in glory and peace unfathomable. Go through Moroni 7 for more comfort. 7 or 8, one of the two.

So... ****** emailed me... :D

I wanted to also share something with you all that has really helped me, especially with the issue of keeping a clean mind and heart. One day i was thinking about my life and what i want in the future, and i concluded on some things such as an eternal companion and family, a stable and happy home life, education, etc. And later that day, when a bad thought came to mind, i shook it off and into my mind came this phrase - "That's not part of the plan!" Wow.... since that day, when a bad thought comes, i tell myself, "That's not part of the plan!" and i am able to look forward to the future that lies ahead with hope and chastity! I would highly recommend that we all (especially the kids) decide what your future holds. A wife? A nice job? A good education? Spiritual growth? And then, when a bad thought grips, whether of anger or immorality, tell yourself, "That's not part of the plan!", for to engage in such a sin or indulgence would disrupt my eternal plan. It is working for me, and the future is bright for real :)

Also, do you realize the awesomeness and majesty of the Priesthood power inside us? Danny, you will receive it soon too. This power is the same, very same, power which created Adam and Eve. It created the First Parents, and that power lies within us! We don't have anything to fear. God holds highly those who hold the Priesthood (and those, i have to add, who share the Priesthood or will share the Priesthood, Mom and Jessie). I am honored to be His servant and child whom He trust enough to bear His power and grace.

Also, transfer news is this Saturday too, so i'll let you know what happens. I think i will be going... :( i love this place and my companion, but good things don't always last forever out here.

Alright homies and homettes, talk to you soon, literally. Keep the faith and always know that i love you. I hope you see the blessings of the Lord in each of your lives. I sure do.

Love you forever, Conrad

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