An African Heart

An African Heart

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1/31/12 To Dad

Anyway, no new bishop? Dangit.... hahah just kidding. I love Bishop Dance so much. That guy is inspired big time. Tell him not to die until i get home ok? I miss him... Man! Being sick is becoming a blessing isn't it?! Maybe you have worms!! Hooray!! Please get better, but keep up the weight loss!! You and I are seriously climbing Long's Peak. I already day dream (when travelling) of getting to the peak, and saying a prayer to the Lord after seeing His marvelous Earth from a new point of view. Oh yeah, oh........ yeah. 
As for my needs, how is the family? Like, as a cohesive collective whole, are they well? I want them to be well, and I need to know. Individually, I feel progression from everybody. But I need to know! As for hand carved toothpicks, this is hilarious. Because around my area everybody does that as a past time ahahahahahahaha they carve toothpicks then sit in the shade and chew on them. hahaha so I'm good in that lil' department, but other needs... wouldn't mind some sunflower seeds ;) Or actually, something you personally carve out of wood. Doesn't have to be grand, but I wanna give it to a kid in the branch or something. Tafadhali? (please)
Dad, I can feel myself changing. It is almost a tangible change that I can feel! As I obey, I just feel natural. When I slip, I course correct asap and get back to the basics. I was inspired with your words the other day - "Your integrity is worth more than anything. Never sacrifice it." And I never, never will. I am becoming a man in the Lord!! Humbly, I will progress, be it God's will. Do you read the scriptures every day? And have you read Jesus the Christ? Wow, intense book. I'm so dang happy, and I can literally feel that we (the family, you, and I) are on the verge of the stage of "time flying". Prep for takeoff... Oh as I was riding a matatu, I felt inspired to speak to my neighbor. He was in the Kenyan Navy and he has stayed at Lackland Airforce base!! Haha!! Crazy huh? We talked in broken Swahili and Bukusu for a bit, and I shared much about the Gospel. He was intently listening. So were the other 3 or 4 guys around :) Man, I hope you are happy, cuz I grow happier by the second!!Especially with Matt. 19:29 in mind. WOOT!! 
Love you to death Dad, keep trekking, and might I suggest - write down goals. M. Russell Ballard stressed that goals equal forward movement. Prayerfully set them, and do it!! Love you forever Daddy.
With loooove, Conrad

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