An African Heart

An African Heart

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

YES! Email from Conrad this morning! To Dad

The BEECHER'S!! I love them so much. i always give him a big hug, and he says it's from you :) Man dad, i have to tell you, this is hard. no lies, this is very difficult. but i have the Spirit of God with me at all times and steadily i am learning to recognize and follow Him. it feels so incredible and i am seeing the fruits of the Spirit. 
Dad i's so happy. this is hard, and at times discouraging. But i think of how you are right behind me. I know you all miss me, i can feel it!! but i can seriously, seriously feel your prayers. the whole family's!! It is so encouraging to have Father and the Holy ghost testify to me that my family is safe and behind me every step of the way (which is alot of steps, might i add). Is there anything i can do for the family? I want to help Spiritually.
Here is some wisdom for you. "I don't wanna get paid to lose. I WHANNA WHIN!!!" and i'm going to!!! Dad i have you and every specific member of our family in my prayers and i am shooting as many blessings over your way as i can. Tell me some blessings you guys have recognized :)
No temple here :( so you guys better go for me ok? That's proxy work, right? Eh? No? ya ok it doesn't work like that. 
Funny story. Alot of people appreciate it if you try and speak Kiswahili to them (it's called Kiswahili, not Swahili by the way). So we're on a bus and i start talking to a guy in Kiswahili saying "Sisi ni missionaries tuna toka katika kanisa la Jesu Christo la watakatifu wa sifu za mwishu" which is we are missionaries from the...etc... and as i'm saying it this old guy pops out of nowhere and angrily goes "We understand English!!!!" i recoiled like Nacho when he sees the dead guy wake up cuz it was a scary old man. hahahahah and i was like "oh.... right uh ok.... " and then shared the message. The Lord is blessing me to be able to learn Kiswahili rapidly!! It is phenomenal. At this rate, i will be fluent in a month man. not even a joke either. 
Basically - I'm happy, i'm healthy, i'm trying to be like Jesus. I love God my Loving Father, i love Jesus Christ my watchful Brother and Savior, and i love the Holy Ghost, my companion. i also love my companion that is a human... ha. you are in my prayers and in my heart and in my testimony. Love you to life (eternal, that is. )
Your Humbly Proud Son forever,

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