An African Heart

An African Heart

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1/31/12 to Mom

Hey mommy. What's up? Oh cool. Well bye.

JUST KIDDING!!! Tanner is better?!?! YES!!! I have been praying so hard for him!! I am so happy that he is better :) Tell his family hello for me. As for my own health, I am the most cautious elder you will find. Strictly out of thinking of you and the family, and being exactly obedient, I am very cautious. I also rely on the Lord very much when I have done all I can. But as for my health, don't you ever worry. The Lord will keep me safe, even if I do get sick. But I will truly be alright. 
By the way, will you tell Granny Fanny I miss her so much! I long for an italian dinner made by her hands!!  I do really miss her. I love her so much, and I crave a letter from her. I hope I am making her proud (but not prideful) and I want her to know that she set the example first. I'm just following her lead ;)
SD card - sent. It is on it's way and should be there very soon!! It is taped to the inside of some letters for you all. Enjoy those videos of me in the London airport haha! As for other pictures, only send 4 gb cards. Do you want me to send the 8 gb as soon as I get the new sd card you are sending? That could be a good system, send an sd card when I recieve one. Yes?
So I don't stay near Eldoret. I stay in Naitiri, next to Kitale. I actually will be in Eldoret this weekend for district conference but usually I email from Kitale. 
I wanna describe Naitiri tho. Ok very rural. Not the most rural, third only to an area known as Chulu and then the Masai Mara, both of which I could go to! But Naitiri is very very dusty. I wash clothes every night. No scrubbing board, just soap bleach and elbow grease. and water... But the houses we visit are mud huts. And they are evolving finally into making their personal homes with bricks they bake in homemade brick ovens. They have furniture, made at the local carpenter, from whom we had another bed made (a nice one, varnished and all) for the equivalent of 35 American dollars. Ya, cheap momma!! Most do not have electricity. The shops do, and our flat does, but running water and electricity are a no amongst the people. They literally dig wells that are about 50 feet deep at least, with their hands. DEEP wells for water, with their hands. These people are hard workers. They are incredibly humble and friendly. I will be taking many more pictures with them to send you ok? Man, the Lord has blessed me so much I wanna cry. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything. The branch (it's a branch, not a ward) is very small. They have a lot to work on, and I feel the Lord has sent me here at this time to construct this branch into a fully functioning worship body. That is my focus, and in an interview with President Broadbent he said he is 100% behind me on that. Your natural organization genes are kicking in and I am using techniques I learned from you! We have plans, and the Lord will sustain me in them if they are right. If not, I will try again until the Lord has granted this branch power to be strong. The branch president is actually named President Sitati, and his father is Elder Sitati of the First quorum of the 70 haha! Really nice man, hilarious. As for washing machines tho, my collar has never been cleaner. I will wash my collar by hand for the rest of my life! It is so much better!! Other than that, my area has a local market. The women are so great and friendly, and the shop people are just nice. all of them. I always feel at home there. Literally at home :)
Is there anything else you wanna know about Natiri? I  would love to tell more :) maybe a few questions at a time tho... alot of questions kinda confuses me sometimes and I forget to answer some haha. 
You know how you said be exactly obedient? Well I am surely trying. Momma I loooove you so much. As I told Dad, we are on the verge of "time flying" and then it will be over too quickly. In an interview with President Broadbent he told me that he loved my psalm. You got that right? And what did you think of it? He also told me the Lord prepared me for this mission. And that he knows that great things must come from me. Man!! That felt great to hear that. Humbly, I will seek to be of greatest health, no matter what position or area I am in. I may go to Tanzania later on though.... I hope so. Rainy season is coming up here. Fruits galore, mud galore as well. President authorized me to get galoshes, and I will haha! 
Momma I love you. I am so happy out here. I can feel that the pain of being away is being lifted even as we patiently pleaded with the Savior that it would be. He loves you so much Mom, even more than me and that is saying something phenomenal. You are always in my prayers. And I have a surprise I am going to send you very soon! Woo!! Love you to death, keep your Spirit happy because our family needs positivity to thrive off of :) read the scriptures, let's all live the higher law together. If the Apostles, normal men doing extraordinary things through righteousness, can live it, why can't we? Well we can, and it begins with a decision. I decided. Your turn mom :)
OK BIG SURPRISE!!!! Elder and Sister Nevin, a couple out here, know Christine Page!! Their daughter, Connie Biggs, is friends with her in Colorado!!! Go visit the Pages for vacation sometime and meet Connie Biggs. I was hanging out with her parents, who are going home tomorrow. Cool huh? Totally a small world within the church. OH!! AND!! My companion, elder motaung, is from south africa. Guess who set him apart? Elder Laron Shumway!!!! And they told Elder Motaung to say hi and they love me if he ran into me. And then he ends up being my companion. WOW. The Lord loves me so much :) I love you momma. Be happy!! I used to trust in me to progress and learn and teach. Then I read in PMG page 42 or something... in chapter 4, and realized, "trust in Jesus Christ. Then there's no second thoughts as to whether or not it can be accomplished :)" I love you momma!!
With looooooove, Conrad (mimi napenda wewe - "I love you")

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