An African Heart

An African Heart

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Psalm of Conrad

Mommy :)
Dangit I miss you too!! I don't care how long I’m out here, that will  never change. I still think about and pray multiple times daily for you and the family. I love you Mom, more than I can put in words by far!!
As for service, nothing huge yet. We walk or take pikis everywhere and I am still in training so our days are a bit short, or rather the appointments are limited because of time and that fact that they are so far apart. But I have a story! I had been praying for investigators last week, and on Thursday when we went out, a guy named Nolden at a shop became very interested. Then a guy named John who is usually drunk found us and we really connected. Then we went back home for a bit, and when we went out we randomly found a guy on an obscure route we don't usually take. His name is Werangai. He wants to learn everything, and even wants us to teach some others he knows. Then we met a Quaker priest named Moses, and we are going to follow up with him soon. The Lord blessed me BIG TIME that Thursday. He really is watching out for me in every way.
TANNER!!!! Oh my gosh!!!! I will pray super dang hard for him!!! We should fast for him as well!! Send me an update of his status in your next weekly email please ok?
Sister Mortensen - that touches my heart. I will write her for sure! It takes a while to get home but I will send one asap ok?
DEBIT CARD WORKS!!  By the way, I have a surprise for you all :) I may send them home or I may bring them in 22 months. Can you believe that I am nearing the 2 month mark? Time is really going to start flying momma :)
Laundry - all me. It’s ok tho, it isn't too bad. Extra garments, nah. I will be good for a while.
As for the emails, ya it's all good. I type fast....ish... :)
Ok cool things now. At one house we went to, I noticed a small white flower, very beautiful and it sparkled in the sunlight. I’ll take a pic sometime when we go again. But guess what? They smelled just like the perfume that you really like. Crazy huh?! It brought you close to my heart and I kept smelling them! haha it made my day. God's tender mercies huh?
Go to Isaiah 62:2, and think of the temple. Cool huh?
Can i get some piano music maybe? I want 3 pieces real bad. Jesu joy of man's desiring. that organ piece called "fanfare", and moonlight sonata, if it is convenient, otherwise, no stress :)
Oh and I encourage you to read alma 26. Focus on verse 16. That is really how I feel. Especially because the elders from a few miles away that stay in our flat had 7 baptisms this Sunday. Elder Munyoro asked me to give a talk on baptism and the holy ghost. The Holy Ghost really spoke thru me and I began to feel it! I spoke from the heart based on preparation and my former dreariness I had felt that day was totally wiped away as the Holy Ghost filled me :)
So since I got here I have obviously been lonely at times. At these times I have drawn close to the Savior. And man, my testimony of Him is blossoming. He is becoming my greatest friend and I love Him! I wrote a psalm about him, here it is:

One was sent into the world,
Aware of duties giv'n Him.
"Agency," said He, "give them,
let them choose fate, be great or grim."

With hope that saved be siblings all,
He knew that some would not return,
But never faltered, never rested,
Every second still He yearned.

For we His brothers, sisters too,
As held the highest in His sight,
Are worth the labor He put forth,
Laboring in greatest might.

Exemplary adn merciful,
Miracles and charity,
Peace and love, the Son of God,
Loved in true sincerity.

Inevit'bly, Gethsemane
Would call Him forth to take our sins,
And whilst He always had a choice,
He suffered, there our souls to win.

O, how indebted, how diseased,
I tremble in my filthy soul,
When thinking of that sweetest Lamb
Whose pain and agony was full!

O Greatest Brother, so thou art,
How can i claim to love thee so,
When then i sin, against the light,
Make undeserved pain to grow!

When in my sorrow, in my fear,
Happiness seems ne'er to be,
I think of what thou truly didst,
And suddenly, my sorrow flees!

That act of love, of selflessness,
Redeemed me from such bitter pain,
I ponder and concludeth this-
"O Savior, thou hast love unfeigned!"

Made whole again, I'm comforted,
amidst the loneliness of Earth,
I think of thee, here by my side,
And know - i have recieved new birth!

Let trials come, I know they will,
And still i know that thou dost care!
For in the 4th watch thou didst come,
Arrive, and help my burdens bear!

My joy exceeds my pain by far!
Like Alma, how i feel renewed!
With new desire kindling
To follow perfect, follow true.

To all who wonder, question still,
a place in heart for doubt they give,
I add these words to Joseph Smith's,
To all of Earth and Heav'n, "He lives!"

What do you think? Feel free to share it with anybody, but don't give me too much credit. The Holy Ghost wrote it thru me. Those are truly the feelings of my heart. Mom I know God is my Father, and He is so near me. Literally He is watching and protecting me. So is the Savior, and they, with the Holy Ghost, are my greatest sources of comfort out here. When I am down, they are there :)
I sleep with the blanket you made me every night. And guess what? Now that the little kids in the branch know I am not going to eat them, they love to play with me! They are so cute and funny. They don't speak English, but I am learning to speak Kiswahili.

Momma, I love you. Time will fly. Cling to the Savior and be thankful for the support our incredible family provides. Eternity is not far away, and 2 years is not long. Talk to you soon (Mother’s day!) and I love you forever.
Love, Your Son Conraddie :)

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  1. I love hearing how Conrad is doing! Sounds like he's having the time of his life. I feel the spirit so strongly just reading his letters, he's an amazing young man! I pray for him in his endeavors. Thank you for doing this blog!