An African Heart

An African Heart

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ahhh i am so happy to always see emails from you. Has it seemed like a long time for me? Ha, YES!!!! It feels like three months too. But now the time is beginning to fly and i think it will fly by for me and for you.
My companion is Elder Vincent Motaung. He is from South Africa, and he is from the Sutu tribe. He is about two or three or four inches shorter than me, he likes to eat, and he is awesome. We get along so well, and he is training me greatly, especially how to bargain with the piki drivers (we don't have a piki, we hitch a ride). He is very nice, can teach very well, very funny, makes people laugh, has a great personality, and speaks pretty good Kiswahili where i lack. I am being trained well, and he says i am progressing great.
The village is tiny. But there are many people and lots of kids. We can't give anything away so don't worry about sending stuff for them unless i ask specifically for maybe a kid in the branch. But that's so sweet!! Aw!
In our flat we have food. I always find food to eat and i always take my doxicycline. We have electricity, a fridge, running water (we have to purify), we wash by hand, i sleep well at night, and as soon as i can i am going to buy cleaning supplies and clean up the place a little - LEAH STYLE!!! Oh ya, some deep cleaning in p-day. Food tho, it's fine! We eat alot of spaghetti and ugali (maize cakes) and chapati (pita, kinda) and beans. And rice and mince. It's all good mama, staying healthy :)
A typical day: Up at 6:30, workout, get dressed, breakfast, study personal for one hour, companion study one hour, two if we are training, get out and find people to teach or go to appointments (we walk alot and i will be getting pics for you to see of the INCREDIBLE scenery here! It is so beautiful. Huge fields of sunflowers :) and beautiful mountain ranges). We arrive home at around seven cuz we can't be out after dark. Shower, study more, journal (every day), bedtime!! It's nice and the day goes by fast.
You all should always read each other's emails if you want, cuz sometimes i put in community stuff into one person's. Like this!
6 things I have learned so far:
1. You, Conrad, are establishing a foundation whereby you can structure the rest of your life.
2. Obey. Obey, obey, obey. And just see the blessings.
3. Daily direct your thoughts and attention to this sacred Gospel.
4. Constantly direct your thoughts toward the Savior.
5. Love your family. Have charity first for them, then for all.
6. It is not, nor will it ever be, about us. It's always about them.
Music!! So guess what? I played for the mission tour and all the district meetings and stuff, and Sister Beecher is going to give me her whole collection of acquired music when she goes! She loves me and i am also given a responsibility. My branch, the Naitiri branch, doesn't have a keyboard. Nobody played!! But sister Broadbent is getting me one, with the charge that i have to give lessons as part of my weekly schedule!! AWESOME HUH?!?!?! So i am shooting for teaching at least 3 people by the time i leave Naitiri.

When i get back, i want to go to a Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert. Please!!
Here's some spiritual candy now. In my patriarcahal blessing it says something completely related to this time: "...and know you are truly blessed to be part of a family that have the blessings of eternal marriage and family. These are the things that will bring you the greatest happiness throughout all eternity." And is that not true? It is. My patriarchal blessing is fulfilling even as i am righteous :)
I asked Sister Cook before she left what would be the most comforting thing i can tell my mother is. She smiled, and thought, and said, "Tell her you're happy, you're healthy, and you are being safe." So here it goes. truthfully, i am happy, i am healthy, and i am being safe :) I love you mom. Time flies when you're having fun!! Onward, ever onward. Oh and read verse 3 of "How Firm a Foundation". That is God talking to YOU.
Your loving, happy son,

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  1. Oh, my Conrad is growing up!!! You should be so proud of him. It is awesome to see our boys growing up so much isn't it? I Love it! I love reading his letters. Thanks for sharing