An African Heart

An African Heart

Monday, January 9, 2012

No email :(

Conrad said he would email us on his P-Day (Monday).  For us that means late Sunday night or early Monday morning between midnight and 6 a.m.   But we didn't get anything from him.  His internet might have been down.  Following is an email we got from Neal Beecher on the 6th.

Dear Dale,

We have been without internet.  Some lines were vandalized in our area and they have been working but takes time.  We are in Eldoret so were able to get on here.  

Naitiri is about an hour from our place.  Half of it is dirt road.  Good right now as it is the dry season.  We got stuck once in rainy season and had to get the branch president to get a tractor for us to pull us out.  So it can be quite the road at times.  They have to get a ride on what is called a matatu which is like a van or they have at times even taken a motor cycle when it is the only thing available.  It would be Naitiri Corner that you saw.  It is a wonderful area to do missionary work and the branch president is the son of Elder Sitati of the First Quorum of Seventy.  Elder Sitati was just here for Christmas and was fun to see him and his family.  He [Conrad] is replacing an Elder that is from Plain City, Utah and he did not want to leave he has been so excited with the work.
I did get to meet your son at the bus station in Kitale to bring his and the other elders luggage to the elders apartment next to ours.  
We had to then come to Eldoret to do Patriarchal Blessings so we hope he got his luggage to Naitiri OK as we often take them there but were unable to do it this time.  He said his parents found out he was going to Naitiri almost before he did.  :)  Was fun to meet him and we look forward to seeing him more.


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