An African Heart

An African Heart

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Email to his Mother

Mommy :)
Man!!! Yes we have internet but we are being chraged by the minute. But it's ok it's cheap. So everything is very cheap out here. But my darn card still isn't working. It needs to be Visa or something i guess. Maybe? It ain't working, that's what i'm saying. I have extended one baptism invitation (accepted), taught many lessons, and another guy (Daniel) just asked to be baptized!!! I wrote a big long letter to you all and i have sent it and it says a bunch in there about the investigators. Basically tho, i have 2 baptisms on february 5 and it's my first week. the Lord has truly blessed me and loves me more than i will ever know!! He is always watching over me.
My apartment:
the nicest in Naitiri. But everybody else lives in mud huts, sooo ya. They are tribes here, but they dress like Americans. We wash all our clothes by hand. We cook our own. We purify our water. I sleep in a mosquito net. i watch geckos crawling around a bunch haha. Overall, the Spirit is in our flat and i love it. It is home to me and my testimony has sky-rocketed from all my studies!!!
I saw Zebras!!!! Out in a pasture, like horses!! Crazy, huh? No other animals yet, i'm not in wild animal territory here (dangit).
I saw a hotel called "Saddam and Sons". just thought i'd share that haha!!
We ride piki piki's everywhere. they are motor bikes. we only ride them long distances. we usually walk and i get diiiiirty and sweeeeeaty. but i have the time of my life.
Little African kids call me "muzungu" (white man) and follow me around everywhere. for most i am the first white man they have ever seen! Your son, a pioneer of Africa!!
my address:

Elder conrad Schneider
Kenya Nairobi Mission
Upper Hill Road
Next to citigroup
P.O. Box 46162-00100
Nairobi Kenya

Needs and likes:
Pictures of my family!!!! Just a few, but of you guys. and a pic of christ. besides that, i wouldn't mind some gum. bubble gum :) and i need you all to know how happy i am. I am having a fantastic time and the time will surely start flying. Mom, i love you so much. You may never know how much i miss you. Oh wait, yes you do!
Can you do me one small favor? At albertson's there are some albertson's cookies in a purple bag. i promised i would send some to tanner. Could you guys send him that for me with my love? that would make me happy :)
I also would like letters. To those i can respond better and with more thought. you must know tho, i love you so much mom. I pray and think about you daily and multiple times even. You are my beacon of hope because i know you are praying with your whole soul for my success. I feel your blessings even now as i write this. You must know that God and Jesus Christ are watching over me closely. I am following your inspired example and i am trying to be exactly obedient. I wrote more in my letter that's coming to you too. I serve these people knowing that the promise in Matthew 19:29 is happening because He has promised it. This is my home for a while. But you know what? It's all the same Earth governed by the same Father and He is focusing on YOU, OUR FAMILY, and ME!!! This chruch and this Gospel are the truth!!! I could NEVER, nor will i ever, deny it. Jeffrey R. Holland has been a focus of mine out here. In a devotional io watched he said: "A mission is not easy because salvation is NOT a cheap experience!! How could we EVER think it would be easy for us if it was NEVER easy for Him?" And i agree. I will take and bear any hardship my Father gives because He is shaping me into a man that will help bring His children to Him. I pray with every piece of my soul and body that He will help me find those people ready to come unto Him. Mom, I am well and happy. My Spirit soars at the very thought of our family. My testimony - unbreakable. And still growing. i'm eternally in your and dad's debt for raising me how you did. you are the ultimate parents (besides my heavenly parents) and for it, i have just another reason to love you :)
You'll be great in school!! Pray and seek the Lord's help (typical missionary answer). But really, his help is real. Prayers get answered like phone calls, sometimes we just need to have faith. I love this work and i will talk to you very soon!! Mother's day is just around the corner :) :)
With every possible particle of Love in my dirty, sweaty, happy body,
Conrad, son of Candy Rapper

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