An African Heart

An African Heart

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hey Momma!!
I am so happy :) Times here are a little difficult sometimes, but when I read your emails, I realize that the world is still good, and that I really don't have anything to complain about :) I love you so much Momma :) so first off, ingredients. I am going to make a list. Most abundant: flour, sweet potatoes, maize meal. Also, eggs, peanut butter, sugar, brown sugar, spices, mangos, bananas, oranges, maize meal, oats, rice, noodles, tomatoes, onions, bread. Besides that, there isn't  a whole lot out where I am. But it's ok, I am very healthy and happy still :) I usually have oatmeal every morning, sweet potatoes cuz there's alot. But I just want simple simple recipes to add a little variety to my meals. I trust whatever you send to be ok. Preferably with few ingredients :) 

Ok give Grandma a HUGE hug for me. The Preach My Gospel that I use is the one she gave us one time as a gift. It has a note from her in it and it helped me so much. An encouraging little boost from my granny Franny!!!  
I use my tennis shoes every day when I work out in the morning. I go outside my flat where it's all isolated and I work out hard to keep in shape. Exact obedience is a massive blessing, and one that I will teach to anybody I train, if I get to, By the way, transfers are in about 2 and a half weeks. And I’ll get a new companion!! I’ll tell you if I am training. :) 

My flat location - I told Dad. He should know, because we did this thing with Google Earth and I pinpointed it for him. Ask Daddio and he'll show you. Ya that is sad about Manuel, but Grandma should be told about the Plan of Salvation again, that oughta lighten her Spirits :) 
HAHA!!! Ben is amazing. Simply amazing. He is going to grow into something incredible; I can just feel it every time I think of him. And the piano is a huge blessing. The boys need to know it, I have 4 students to whom I am teaching keyboard and music theory, and also I have 2 missionaries. I have taught very little so far, and only 1 lesson to my branch students, but I know the Lord will sustain us and help their understanding be opened. 
So the work: Yes we go hut to hut. Mud homes, sometimes cement over mud. The people here are so incredibly humble. they speak Kibukusu, they are the Bukusu people, and I love them. I speak a little Kibukusu but I am learning slowly. We get fed often by members and investigators, and the Lord protects us food-wise. I trust him completely, and I am making sure to be wise so as to qualify for the Lord's protection ;) We have about 5 or 6 investigators, soon to be more. The Lord is blessing us so much. Baptism is not as important as conversion, and that is what we really strive for. Our branch President is President Sitati, the only son of The Elder Joseph Sitati of the quorum of the 70. Awesome man, very wise.  My responsibilities in the branch - sometimes teach, mostly play the "organ". haha, the little kids love to gather round and listen to me play. It is fun to sing with them, they are so cute, and have finally realized that I am nice and won't eat them. I know why Jesus loved the little children :) 
The rat, Elder Munyoro killed it. He's another elder in our flat. The pests are not really a problem, and my health is good, so no worries :) 
This is truly the hardest thing I have ever done. Times are always difficult out here. Maybe it is just the current area, but it is soooo demanding. Time is beginning to fly faster and faster. Do you realize in less than ten days I will be 1/8 done with my mission? Ya... wow! Tell Makel that Paraguay will probably be demanding as well, and that her best friend will QUICKLY become Jesus Christ and her Heavenly Father. They are mine, and will forever remain so. 

I love this work momma!! I am so happy to be out here. Once I decided to serve my siblings more, my load was lightened. I stopped contending with my companion and submitted for the sake of these people. They are why I am here and this work is serious. Many Elders play too much, using the excuse that we have to enjoy the mission. But I realized, this is the salvation of souls we're talking of here. We are talking about the Eternal salvation of these people, my brothers and sisters, and we need to treat it seriously. It is no light responsibility. Yet, I am having fun, and I am enjoying myself. And I am trying my utmost hardest to be exactly obedient. I will say this, I receive persecution. But all Saints do right? God will provide, I know. And as for prayer, I am coming to realize how intensely real it is. God answers prayers and truly speaks thru the Holy Ghost. Wow. I know this is all real, and any time I get mad at somebody, I close my eyes and mentally look past them, and see the Savior. And in my mind, I think about what will matter in the end, and it's easy to forgive. Because eternity matters, nothing else does :) 
I love you all so much, and Mom, especially you!!! I feel your prayers, and I am strengthened by them. With you all behind me, I don't lose. I am given peace often, and I know you are sending it via prayer ;) Times get hard, that I won't deny. And mom, especially against my standards sometimes. ugh it's hard, and it comes from other Elders. Is that not ridiculous? But what harder test could the Lord provide? I will just submit like Christ, obey His commandments, and let Him shape me :) As Dad counseled, let go and let God :) 

Love you forever Momma, and you are always in my prayers. Talk to you soon (2 months), so warm up those vocal chords :D

Your Son for Eternity, Conraddie :)

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