An African Heart

An African Heart

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 20 Letter to Dad

I'm not telling what that means... he, he, he (Major Payne). But dern tootin man, I am stinking inspired when I hear about blessings our family receives. You guys are seriously receiving blessings unmeasured!! The Lord is amazing. And Dad, I learn more and more that He lives. Something I realized though is that huge, Spiritual experiences don't come all that time. Yet, it's up to us to not waver in our testimony, but to remember that witness and bear testimony of what we know to be true. So in light of that, I know that our Father in Heaven lives, and loves us more than we can fathom. Our Brother Jesus Christ is so merciful, and truly the shining example of charity. To master charity is a lifelong process. Can there be more proof of His divinity than His boundless charity? Sometimes I think of how the scriptures call them "long-suffering". Wow, that is true. We mess up so much all the time, over and over, so imperfect! But they smile at us sympathetically, and I’m sure they say "It's alright, I understand. Just try again, we're right here to help you. Be patient with yourself and you can do anything, bud." That's how I imagine them sometimes. And then I know I can do it :)
Dad, get the 2012 Liahona. You HAVE to read about Monson in that thing, he is simply amazing. I know that he is a prophet of God, a man who was most definitely prepared and indeed called. When I get home, I want to do what he did. I feel duty-bound to do what he did in fact! When I return, I want to make sure I devote my time to service of others. Even in my patriarchal blessing, it says, "When you return home, be sure you do all you can to bless the lives of others." And I will!!!
You know how Oaks talked about using our agency and choosing for ourselves, not always waiting for the Spirit to tell you what to do? Well in Alma 43:33, I noticed he used his agency to place his army "according to his desire". haha! What a subtle little testimony in the scriptures. It takes me about a day or two to read one chapter now usually, because I find that every little word, even a single word, can lead to a half hour of study. What a testament of the truth man!
STORYTIME!! I met a man with the surname "Molati". interested, I asked what it meant. He goes, "It means to castrate a lion while it's still alive!!" Shocked, I asked if he did that. He said no, but his grandfather did!!! What the heck man?!?!?! 
You said you didn't wanna hear about when I roped and rode a bull elephant to Egypt, around the pyramids, and back to Kenya, so I won't tell you that story... It's a super cool story, but oh well, I’ll save it I guess..
But Dad, I love you!!! I WILL BE EMAILING ON TUESDAY NOW!!!! That means send your emails earlier. I saw Mom and Ben and Dan didn't have time to send. It's ok, cuz I caught you guys off guard, one day early. But I will email you next week ok?
Last thing - the Lord always provides! The persecution has dimmed! Instead of persecution, I am receiving service from my fellow elders! Respect, and love and respect of my standards too! Dang man! And my companion, we are really brothers now. But he is probably leaving in one week at transfers :( But I might train, we'll see :) I love you dad, I am happy and I will continue. Time is flying... We'll be lookin back confused in 21 months. 
With all the love a 19 year old homie can possess, 

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